Joining a home business can be scary for most because many have never operated any kind of business before. Even though the home business route is typically a smart one because of the minimized risks and potential for amazing reward, 97% of the industry seems to get it wrong. Just so you know a little about me before I give you a the ultimate home business checklist. You should have a reason to listen to me right? In 2014 I decided to throw my hat into the home business ring after a descent professional baseball career! I took a sales job for a couple of years and was looking for a way to supplement my income after getting hammered by the tax man! Fast forward to today, I have enrolled over 600+ people into our networking business, become one of the top affiliate marketers, and have successfully helped thousands of people build a successful network marketing business. img_0178Why do so many people in the industry seem to find failure rather than success. Just like many other professions, it takes people willing to do what the professionals do. I wanted to design a home business checklist to help you either launch your current home business the right way, relaunch your home business, or help those that are thinking about starting a home business understand the skill sets you will need to develop over time to seemingly guarantee your success. I want to reiterate that I said develop. Meaning you do NOT have to have these skills now in order to start getting results! I sure did not have many of these skills when I started. However I committed to the progress and development of these specifics and watched my career and income sky rocket!


The Ultimate Home Business Checklist 


#1. A Never Quit Attitude

If you don't have this 1st skill, than the others I give you will not mean much! There is not one leader that has reached success in our industry that does NOT have this type of attitude. My first mlm I will never forget watching a video the first week that said “If you are still around after year 1 you will see results beyond 95% of the industry as a whole” That day I committed, I mean really committed to never quitting this as a business. Although I am not in THAT mlm anymore (the company did shut its doors, momentarily


#2. Preparation

One thing I was really good at when I was working full time was my preparation. The night before I knew exactly how the next day was going to go almost down to the hour.If the day threw a curveball, I was able to adjust and keep moving with no interruptions because I was prepared.


#3. Discipline

Discipline is doing the things you know you SHOULD be doing daily in your business, and actually doing those things with 100% effort! The big question for most is “How?”. How does a person with little to know discipline develop this skill? Is it even possible to develop this skill? The answer is a resounding “yes!” It's time to develop some new habits! Whats easy TO do is also easy NOT to do! With every success story, there is always a sacrifice made and new habits created. We hear it over and over again, but we tend to have selective hearing when it comes to changing our daily disciplines! So name 3 areas inside of your business that you know you need to be more discipline or consistent on! Now looking at these 3 things, what do you need to do in order to get better at those? Now right beside those 3, write 2 things down that you can do to improve immediately! Then, just take action on those 6 things!! Do this for two weeks!! It's just two weeks and your life could start to change right before your eyes!


#4. Marketing

Ironically enough you're now in network marketing…. MARKETING is in the name! Sadly most networkers never learn to develop the skill of becoming a better marketer. If you plan on making a significant amount of money in your business (and I know thats you) then YES YES YES, you will have to understand and implement some basic marketing skills. I started to learn the basics of Attraction Marketing  in 2013. Because I decided to learn the basics of attraction marketing for my network marketing business, I now have people coming to ME looking for information, instead of me chasing friends and family with my business. Learn More About Marketing 


#5. Communicate Easily (Creative Networking & Prospecting)

Once you join a network marketing company for some odd reason we forget how to be human and normal communication turns into tension or strained communication. The difference between prospecting and creative prospecting comes down to working smarter not harder and finding eager leads and prospectsFind people that are looking for you and what you offer. This changes how prospecting is done!

#6. Opening & Closing The Deal

One question we get a lot is “How can I close more people?” The question people should be asking is how can I open more people?” In anything that involves a transaction of money there is a close, however the first engagement is the open and this is one of the most important encounters. When you open right, you can close right”. It may sound corny, but your ability to make people feel amazing during the open and the close is the first key. The second is make sure you're asking good open-ended questions. So what's the best way to close people? Have them close themselves by asking good questions and making people feel freaking amazing.


#7. Coach-ability

I was told over and over that in network marketing you'll have to unlearn the things you know more than having to learn completely new skills. I did not understand this for years. I thought I knew it all, I was successful in my previous career. So I should be able to come into this network marketing thing and crush it! Looking for a coach? Check out some life changing testimonials RIGHT HERE


#8. Focus

This may seem simple, but focus is extremely important. But the type of focus you need in order to have success in your network marketing company is very particular. This focus involves doing less and saying the word “no”.


#9. Vision Vs. Why

Most network marketing companies want you to focus on your WHY, which is a great thing to start off your career. However, a WHY is generally associated with something that you don't have. Some sort of pain that leaves you with a feeling of “lack”. Your pain will push you to do things that you have never done before, but if you are looking to take your business to levels of leadership that can not be destroyed, you MUST create a powerful vision. Your Vision will pull you to your future and you will no longer have to “push” yourself to success.


#10. Authority and Influence

The single most important skill that you will develop in your career as a professional network marketer and entrepreneur. Have you ever wondered why masses follow the trends of celebrities over others in the world? One word, INFLUENCE! Have you ever been curious why certain people can say whatever they want and people join their network marketing company in droves? They have AUTHORITY over their audience. You on the other hand can do and say the exact same thing and no one joins…So the big question here is how do you create AUTHORITY? And how can you create it quickly so you can start getting results in your business. Check out this video and see how you can easily start creating AUTHORITY with your audience today! CLICK HERE NOW


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