Do you have a strong foundation? Do you know what it even means to build your business on a strong foundation?

If not, it’s okay!

We got ya back!

Building your biz (or anything) on a strong foundation is gonna be the factor of it lasting or falling apart.

Think about it like this… if you don’t build your relationship/marriage on a strong foundation with God, it’s unlikely to last. If you don’t build a house on a strong foundation, it’s not likely to stay standing very long. So, if your plan is to build a strong, successful business, you must build it on a strong foundation.

As you’re going through your journey, it’s important that you build on a solid foundation.

We’ve talked to a lot of people that THINK they need to start with Facebook ads and all the other technical stuff to build their biz, but completely miss building a solid foundation. Don’t get us wrong, Facebook ads, emails, etc. do and will help build your business. But if you don’t have your foundational steps in place, it won’t be strong enough to stay standing.

As always, we share what we know and what we’ve gone through… and listen when we tell ya…. We’ve done this before. We THOUGHT we could skip the “small” steps to create something huge. Annndddd we were SUPER WRONG! We had success and built big teams, then lost it in a blink of an eye. #NotFun

We definitely don’t wish the same thing to happen to you, SO! Let’s dig in so you can make sure you are following the right steps to build a solid foundation for yourself, your team, and your biz.



First, you’ve got to have a strong personal development routine for yourself. Something that you can even share with your team that they can follow with you. We love to read, listen to audio books, and read our vision daily.

Reading makes such a huge difference. So many times, people will come to us and need help with something that we just read that morning. Crazy how it works that way. But what if we didn’t take those few minutes to read? We wouldn’t be able to help them. So what reading does is… it helps to prepare you for the day…Who you’re gonna help that day… How you’re gonna handle an objection today… make sense? Taking a couple minutes to read in the morning can make a HUGE difference in your day.

So many people think that they can skip this step, but we promise you, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is the most important step while building your biz. Don’t put it off until you get home from a busy day at work and are too tired to spend that time with yourself (because it probably won’t happen).

We used to get up early in the morning to get some personal time in before the day started. So even if you start with 15 minutes in the morning, it’ll change your day more than you’ll ever know! So, go ahead and make a commitment to set your alarm and give it a try.

REMEMBER: It’s the work you do on yourself that’s going to impact the work that you do in your business.


Second thing is, you have to understand the importance of building relationships and networking.

WHHYYY do we hear this so often:

“I don’t wanna talk to people, but I wanna build a business”.


To get anywhere in this world, it will always take NETWORKING.

You should always be building relationships. It doesn’t mean that you should always be offering everyone you see your opportunity. It means that making a friend or an acquaintance could turn into a customer or business partner later down the road.

Networking is the number one skill we can development. And it isn’t always just for your network marketing business. It can mean getting first class on the airplane or getting a free appetizer at your favorite restaurant.

Your job is to build relationships. If those people become customers or reps in your business…. It’s not up to you to decide that.


And that links us right into the third step of building a strong foundation.

Get eyes on your presentation. No matter what.

We actually created a resource sharing scripts that we use to get people to watch your presentation.


Use those scripts to get people to watch. DO NOT worry about the outcome. It’s good to get ‘NO’s’. The ‘NO’ is getting you closer to a “YES’. You have to completely separate your emotions from the outcome.

Once you get people to take a look at your offer, don’t forget to follow up. We’ve all heard it before…

“The fortune is in the follow up.”

It’s so true! So, keep a list of the ones that said they would take a look and FOLLOW UP with them.

We really hope this helped! Make sure to get your read on! Make connections daily! And get eyes on your presentation! Once you have a solid foundation following these 3 things, then you can go ahead and start adding the fancy stuff 😉

OH! And of course, don't forget to download our FREE resource we created to help you build your business with a strong foundation and FAST!

Lifestyle Is A Choice, You're Just One Choice Away…

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