Entrepreneurship is not easy by any means. It can be a brutal battle of the mind. Having to jungle the new skills needed to crush it as an entrepreneur like promoting, launching, executing, and growing. You may think “ how am I going to have the time to manage all of these things as well as everything else in life!”

If you are like us and many other entrepreneurs you’ve felt how insane burnout can feel. The last thing you want to do is burn out working your business while you juggling your job, family, life, etc. Getting into that burnout phase could cost you your dreams and thats not going to happen on our watch! 

For Ryan and I we both started out working 70 hour weeks when we became entrepreneurs through network marketing. We want to reassure you that you CAN build a solid business in 2-4 hours per day! You can do it too! Use these tips each day, focus on progress, not perfection and you too can experience the amazing rewards of online entrepreneurship with out feeling like you don’t have the time.

Before we dive into the tips, remember this. You DO NOT need more time. You need better time management. So anytime you think you don’t have time, come back to this guide and think to yourself, “How Can I Improve With The Time I Have”

1. Work Your Business Like A Job At First

This little tip helped us when we were new to entrepreneurship and network marketing it may help you as well. Most people aren’t trained to work a business. So the advice of work your business like a business may not quite resonate with you just yet. For that, work your business like a job. Choose your times to clock in and clock out. Set those times during the week. Do this until you are in a groove to actually start treating your business like the amazing business it is.

2. Prep The Night Before

If we told you that having your day prepared and planned out before you go to bed would result in you becoming a millionaire through your business, we bet you’d do it every night! Have who you plan to connect with the next day written down, have a tentative, but not mandatory calendar that you plan to follow the next day. Know how much time you’ll spend on any given task! For example, if you plan to connect with people on social media. Set aside a time block for that, give yourself an hour and block out a specific time during the day this will be done. Set an alarm and treat it like a meeting! Oh yea, that reminds me, while we are on the topic of meetings. Treat THIS step like a meeting as well. Schedule “Nightly Prep” in your phone…Right now (We are serious, set a 15 min appointment with yourself)

Stephen Covey, author of the famous book, Seven habits of highly effective people, once said, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

So ask yourself, What is PRIORITY?! Take a moment and write down what is priority for the next day.

Be extra sure to understand that EVERYTHING will NOT get done. There is a tomorrow and you will live!  

Your job is to get what’s most important done, it may be the thing you hate doing the most. Get that out of the way FIRST. You will thank us.

3. Set Time For Reflection

During this preparation meeting with yourself its important to remember to focus on all the things that went well for the day. Not the things that didn’t go so well. Take this time to reflect on what you do have, not focusing on what you do not have. “Don’t judge your day from the fruits. Judge your day by the seeds planted” 

4. Create A Prioritizing System

Remember to take out time each week for brainstorming and brain dumping. After dumping out 10-15 things that need to be done pick the top 3. Those are priority. Simply ask yourself, “What is the consequence if I do NOT do this tomorrow?” If the answer is bad. DO IT ASAP. Schedule time for interruptions as well. We don’t live in a perfect world and our business is greatly dependent on technology. It can be very unpredictable at times.

5. Create A Daily Routine That Fits For You

Do you find yourself struggling to lock into a strong daily routine? Do you feel like you have trouble being consistent. We have the answer for you. Only if you’re willing to actually do the work. Your consistency and daily routine issues will be solved by taking time to get CLEAR on your LONG term vision. This is your key to finding your ideal daily routine. Once you get clear on your long term vision, you wont have to try hard to figure out what you need to do each day. You just know, and you just DO IT!

One mistake we see when people ask us about daily routine is thinking that they need to adopt someone else’s routine in order to get results. Trust us we have done that before and it simple never works! Thinking that the “perfect” daily routine is going to happen is like hoping your dream crush will show up on a unicorn holding the winning lottery numbers. Simply look for ways to improve your daily routine each 7 days and over time you will have a routine that works for you!

6. Always Look To Improve Your Strategy

Now that you are developing a routine that works for you its important to put your focus on progress with your daily routine. Do not look to be absolutely perfect, just re evaluate your performance each week and look for one place you can get better at each 7 days.

When something is NOT working and you know its not working. Let it go, make adjustments and move on! 

7. Define Your Money Making Activities

There is a huge difference between money making activities and busy work. Your job is to make sure you are focused on these activities when you are working your business. Things like Presenting, Inviting, Marketing, Follow – Up, these are examples of activities that will make you money. Anything that involves getting prospects to watch information and make a decision is considered a money making activity. 

8. Divide Your Day Into 48 Blocks Of 30 Minutes (1/48)

We all get the same 24hours. What Will You Do With Yours? Awareness of where your time is going is crucial to actually make adjustments to your time management. For 24-48 hours track exactly what happened in that hour of time. Just do this exercise for a couple days. Highlight things that helped you make money. Circle things that did not help you make money. This will give you a clear indication of what is helping your business grow and whats keeping your business from growing. 

Find accountability partners to chat about your progress with, use tools like google calendar, and a timer to help you in this area!

9. Break Down Big Task Into Smaller Task Over Time

Doing this not only for business task, but using this concept in every area can help you cure the Big O” disease plaguing so many entrepreneurs. OVERWHELM. Take a big task that may take a while and break them down into smaller mini task. For instance, blogging is a task that we do each week. Instead of trying to complete an entire blog post in one sitting, we break it down into small 30minute daily task. Over the course of 5-6 days it all comes together for a beautiful post. Much better than sitting down for 2 whole hours. Try doing that with kids. 

10. Outsource Things You Don’t Want/Like/Can’t Do

Lets face it there are just certain things you don’t have a clue how to do! Most of those things you don’t need to spend your time trying to learn. You can outsource the task to someone else. If you don’t know how to do it and you feel that learning the skill will make you tons of money, then by all means learn it. Read the book, grab the course, go to the event etc. You can find a course on anything by going to www.udemy.com. There are other things that you just shouldn’t be doing. Give your $5 task to someone else so you can focus on things that will make you the big bucks! Also, the things you just don’t like to do, yup those too, Get those in the hands of someone else ASAP! These tips will clear out a ton of time on your schedule. Remember as well, there are tasks that you shouldn’t do during peek money making hours. Some things can wait until you can’t actually connect with potential customers. For outsourcing help, visit www.fiverr.com or www.upwork.com.

At the end of the day, if you want to ensure your success in your network marketing business, just don't quit. If you want the above tips to work for you. Make sure that you commit and never give up! If you would like some extra help with your business and working on what we just spoke on head over to our ILCU Coaching Page to learn more!

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