Part 1 – Mindset

Can You Really Start Your Own Business Online?

Are you sick of going to work every single day and not feeling fulfilled? Maybe you like your job, but you have always had this itch to start your own business. However, the thought of investing hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars is out of the question. Wesley and I looked into franchising a Ruth Chris Steak House once. It's her favorite place to eat by far, so why not consider it as a business to open. Not surprisingly, it was $2 million to start that restaurant franchise. Not something we realistically could or should pursue.

So you are probably thinking, “How can I start an online business in my spare time, that doesn’t cost a small fortune?” We asked ourselves the same question and in 2014, we seriously decided to become intentional about being online entrepreneurs.

The best part about our decision was we did not immediately feel compelled to quit our jobs. We had small children at the time and barely had EXTRA money to invest. So, no matter your current situation, there is an online business model for you! We will help you find the right fit, so you can create the online business of your dreams and start living a lifestyle of freedom and fun!

But, before we dive into these 8 ways to create passive income online from your laptop or mobile phone, please understand, just like any legit business, it takes faith, commitment, dedication, thick skin and a lot of focused work. We don’t like to say “hard work”, because honestly, the work that must be done in order to create a successful online business may not necessarily be “hard” to you.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life“ – Marc Anthony.

Either way, the work MUST be done in order for you to create the success you desire! Bottom line, never let ANYONE, not even us, tell you that you can’t do something! If you have it in your mind and in your heart, pursue it, and make it happen!

Always rememer, at one point no one believed that a human could break a 4 minute mile. When the first person did in 1965, another did it 45 days later. This just goes to show, when you believe something, it becomes possilbe.

Why Start an Online Business?!

There are many reasons you may want to start your own online business. You may want to enjoy the finest that life has to offer, including the dream homes, exotic cars, expensive clothes, etc. You may be motivated by the sense of freedom it brings. Having 100% control of your clock, with the ability to never miss a moment with family and what life has to offer is equally appealing.

Maybe you have a passion or idea that you know can make a huge impact! Whatever your reason for starting an online business, by the end of this post you will know exactly which online business model is right for you and have the exact means of starting that business in the next 7 days or less, with either little or no start up costs. With that being said, it does take some capital to manage a successful business in any niche or industry!

In fact, you know that success requires work, consistency, dedication, and perseverance! If you’re looking for a get rich quick deal or you're unwilling to do the necessary work (most aren’t, and that's ok), this article is definitely not for you.

Nevertheless, since you have read this far, we already know you're on the right path!

The 8 business models we propose are all very similar to many business models you can find offline, they are just in online form. When you are coachable and really dial in what it takes to launch your online business, you will experience some amazing tax benefits, passive residual income, freedom, and most importantly, the alignment and fulfillment that comes from being a Digital CEO! Tony Robbins always said, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”. 

If you Google ‘how to start an online business’ a myriad of topics immediately become accessible–many of which leave you more confused than when you first started your search. Vague article after vague article showing you nothing that is actually helping you get your online business started or to the level you actually desire.Trust me, been there and done that!

We promise to give you a clear, concise, real-life tools and direction tthat will assist you in choosing the online business that is right for you and your lifestyle.

One reason many seek to start an online business is for the amazing tax benefits offered to small business owners. Small business owners don’t pay the same taxes as traditional businesses. Most people pay their taxes upon receiving compensation. However, small business owners pay taxes after revenue, expenses, etc are documented first.

You don't need to be a master CPA to undertand all the amazing tax benefits of starting an online business. Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy is a great tool to haveat your finger tips. If you are serious about creating a significant income with your business, definitely be sure to get your business under LLC asap; Legalzoom is a great place to make that happen!

Do I Need To Have A Million Dollar Idea?

Honestly, the “BEST” ideas likely already exist! (For the most part). We know how awesome it would be to come up with the next Uber, Lyft, Air BNB, or Snap Chat, and I am not saying you won't, you just may do that, and more power to you! But the reality is this.

First, its quite possible that someone else had ideas for those companies way before they were actually conceived, they just did not have the guts or resources to act on their idea. How many times have you had an awesome idea and then a week later there's an app or commercial for it?

Second, there are plenty of companies that compete in the same arena/niche. Just because someone is doing something good does not mean you can't do it better! Your job as an online entrepreneur is to find the gaps, holes and opportunities inside the niche you want to serve in, find ways to fill those holes, and intentionally set yourself apart from your competition instead of always competing.

Theres a book entitled, “The Blue Ocean Affect”  and I enourage you to take some time and read it. It's somewhat boring, but very effective. Once you've read it, you'll understand where we are coming from.

Lastly, social media and the internet are great tools for online communication; however, they are crowded and noisy. This may sound scary, and you may wonder how you’ll stand out. That's a genuine fear. However, crowded and noisy typically mean that the very best will stand out even more considering the volume of garbage online today. So, our advice, out perform your competition and you’ll be just fine.

Let's knock down some walls before we really dig into the 8 ways to create passive income with an online business. If you have existing online business, you'll know by the end of this post if you are in the right business for you and garner some cool ways to grow your business faster and effectively.

Quick note, if you don’t think you can create success in your online business or you have negative thoughts that run rapidly through your mind all day, being an entrepreneur may not be for you.

We want you to know, that's ok. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. However, you already know you are meant to be here and ready to play big!

3 Rules of Online Entrepreneurship


Rule # 1: Serve, Serve, & Serve Some More!

The worst thing you can do is go out and start an online business for the sole purpose of making money. I know it may sound weird and goes against everything you've likely been taught. Consequently, almost every time we speak with someone, their main concern is how they can make money by starting an online business.

Some people are looking for a way to actually take the business they already have to levels they have never been before–thinking about the money they want to make. When you focus on serving people and solving problems, money finds you in multiple ways! Plus, the reward is far greater and more fulfilling!

We have fallen into this trap before ourselves. Most people usually start with something that has nothing to do with actually SERVING others, improving their lives, or helping to make life more meaninggul and fulfilling for people! Money has no vibration, it has no heart. If you do not know what you would actaully do with the money you're about to make by starting an online business, answer that question first.

Get clear on exactly what you want in your life, get comfortable with what others' lives will be like because you helped them, and the money you make will have real meaning.

Rule #2: Passion Helps, But Its Not Everything To Start!

Online entrepreneurs, especially the new breed of digital entrepreneur we are seeing today are very different from business owners of years past. Most people choose thier profession or their business based on line-of-sight opportunities or perhaps a career that paid the most money.

How many people do you know who became a doctor, lawyer, or high paying professional because that was the highest paying profession? Many traditional business owners do the same thing. They choose their business because they figured they could make the most money.

However, the way the world works today, any one can make as much money as they choose, doing whatever they want to do! Don't believe me?

There are thousands of peoeple making millions playing video games. People are streaming themselves playing games and they are getting paid well for it! We live in a time of unlimited possibilities!

So what is your passion? What lights your soul on fire? It may not be what you turn into your business, but your passion will drive you to creating something amazing, we promise.

Rule #3: Don’t Quit. Make Adjustments

The only way to truly fail as an online entrepreneur is to simply quit.

You typically aren't millions of dollars in debt, or have investments with two commas attached with an online business, so no matter what, keep going. No matter what happens on your journey, do not quit.

Yes, you are going to make mistakes, fall flat on your face at times, but the only losers in this industry are the one's who give up!

You will think about quitting a lot. That's normal. Honestly, if you aren't thinking about quitting often, you're not trying hard enough! However, the majority of your time, energy and thoughts should be on how to make your business succeed. The key is to change the way you think about online business which in turn will change your attitude and overall beliefs and values. 

At this point, you should be ready to take on the world of starting an online business. The time has come to dig into the meat and potatoes of this topic.

Below are 8 of the best ways we see fit to create a passive income online. As you read through each one, answer the questions for each category to determine if that business model is right for you!

Although we have not actively done all of the models provided, we vouch for each one as a solid way to create passive income online.

Your responses will give you a much more cleaer indication of which business you should examine to start your online business. It will also give you a good idea if you are currently in the RIGHT business for you!

Part 2 – Education

8 Ways To Create Passive Income From Your Laptop ?

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the 8 ways you can create passive income from anywhere in the world. These are not listed in any order of importance, meaning one is not “better” than another. None of the models are perfect, nor do we claim that they are. Each model has its own pros and cons.

Choose the model that fits your personality and situation. Take the quiz and download the Ultimate Online Passive Income Guide. Remember, online entrepreneurs take action! If you don't know what to do, just do something! Sitting around will get you nowhere.

If you need guidance, simply ask. But remember, “never take advice from someone you wouldn't want to trade places with”.

#1 Network Marketing Online Business

Sometimes the MLM or the network marketing industry can get a bad reputation. We definitely assure you, people are not turned off by network marketing, it's usually how network marketers do business that turns people off. Looking at the business model itself, it's easy to see and to agree it creates massive leverage, has huge upside benefits and can create insane passive income online!

That being said, network marketing business models can be tremendously profitable, and today, you can make tens of thousands of dollars or more each month with no home meetings, no hotel meetings, no awkward coffee presentations, or other old school ways of building the business. Nothing is wrong with those methods; they work; we just choose to not do those to build our network marketing businesses online.

Today, you can build most businesses completely through social media and/or from the convenience of your cell phone. Network marketing was how we got our start into entrepreneurship and like many, it's the key that opens the door into creating your ideal lifestyle. It is sometimes called the gateway to entrepreneurship.

If you are currently active in a network marketing company and are anything like us, your first company may have chosen you. A friend introduced you to a cool product or service and boom, you're a network marketing entrepreneur.

Whether you choose to continue to go all-in with your network marketing business or not, it's an amazing way to learn business skills and meet important people who can help you in various ways now and into the future.

Once you know network marketing is the model that fits your personality best, it's important to align yourself with the right organization and system to ensure your success. For us, without network marketing, many of the income streams we enjoy today (some listed below) may not exist. We are extremely grateful for the network marketing industry.

There are hundreds of companies you can choose from. It's important to know, just because a company is top 10 in overall or yearly revenue, it may not be right time to partner with that particular company.

There are 6 keys to choosing the right network marketing business: leadership, community/culture, system, training, product, and compensation. These are in no particular order, but you should list them in order of importance to you. We explain this concept in more detail with this video. CLICK HERE

Those 6 things are the components that make up every network marketing company. Rate each one with your current company or prospective company on a scale 1-10 scale, and you will be able to decide easily if a company is the right fit for you.

The top 5 network marketing companies (in our opinion) to partner with today are:

Isagenix is a nutritional science company focused on anti aging, nutrition, and fitness. Isagenix has products that help people get into the best shape of their life. – Learn more about this company.

Hempworx or My Daily Choice is a company that produces CBD oil that helps customers with pain relief and other health concerns. – Learn more

IML or iMarkets Live is a digital currancy trading company based out of Las Vegas. Customers are provided with tools and trainings to learn to trade currency in the foreign exchange market. – Learn more

TruVision is a weight loss company focused on simplictic weightloss – Learn more

Modere is a clean living company that manufactures chemical free nutritional products, from weight loss, to cleaning supply, to personal care. Their mission is to create 10 million chemical free homes  – Learn more


Is an online network marketing business model a good fit for you?

I like building teams and working as a group – Score 1 – 5 _______

I’m looking for a system that’s already put together – Score 1 – 5 _______

I have no business skills but looking to learn – Score 1 – 5 ______

I have already use a particular product that a Network Marketing Company makes – Score 1 – 5 ________


  • Can be a revolving door as people often quit
  • Deal with many different people, egos, and personalities
  • Success is most dependant on organizational duplication.
  • Low profit margins. Misunderstood industry.


  • Big time income possibilities
  • Extremely leveraged business model. Thousands of people doing a little.
  • Great for beginners looking to start entrepreneurship
  • Often provides, all systems and trainings for field to succeed.

#2 Selling Online Courses

If you’re anything like us, as soon as you saw this one, you immediately thought to yourself. “Who would buy a course from me?”

If so, that was 100% us in 2014. Or maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “YES! Please, show me how to create my online course”! Awesome, let’s dive into this awesome way to create passive income online.

It’s as simple as this, if you’re good at something, you can teach it very well, and others simply don’t know how to do that something, you can create a profitable online course.

Course creation is not always considered “truly” passive income, but when done correctly, courses can be put into a online sales funnel and can be pretty passive sources of income. If you can get the funnel right you can make sales daily with your courses.

Think about it like this. Let's say you are a good bowler. You create some content on a blog or youtube that bowlers would search for. i.e. “how to be a better bowler” “how to bowl a strike”, “how to hold a bowling ball”, you get the picture. You create a course on how to become a better bowler. You offer that course at the end of each piece of content.

For example, “Best bowling shoes for kids” can be of great interest to some. People search the term, find your posts/video, read it and at the bottom you offer your course. If people search this for 10 years, you have a possible 10-years of online passive income through your course. The same can be done from paid advertising and other marketing methods, but you should get the idea. Are the wheels in your head turning faster?

Let’s say you have a passion for fly fishing and you’re actually extremely good at it. There are probably millions of people that you can teach your special art to fly fishing step by step. Boom, online course opportunity. Another example is Russell Brunson. Before co-founding his juggernaut company, Clickfunnels, he created a home made potato gun. He then created DVDs demonstrating exactly how to create at-home potato guns step by step. No stone was left unturned. He sold those DVDs and the rest is history.

If you want to learn how to sell online courses, Clickfunnels happens to do a great job of teaching and providing a platform for the courses to be sold. The process a course creation is simple; try not to over complicate it.

Work backwards. Start with the end in mind (The result you want your student to acheive) and work your way backwards in detail to exactly where they are today (clueless about fly fishing, or whatever your specialty). Once that’s done, the fun begins. Selling your course to the right people! – * On Scale 1-5 answer the following questions.


Is Creating An Online Course Right For You?

I have a skill that other people would want to learn from me. Score 1 – 5 ______

I know once I create my course I can sell it for the price I want. Score 1 – 5 ______

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 – 5 ______


  • Selling online courses is not easy to create, but THIS TOOL makes it much easier.
  • Takes alot of time, energy, and diligence to create solid courses
  • Most people that buy courses rarely finish them


  • Get paid for what you already know
  • Keep 100% of the profit (except operational costs)
  • Once a course is created, it can be automated 

#3 Personal Online 1-on-1 Coaching

Personal coaching is not really considered truly “passive” income, but it sure does beat showing up to a job everyday. And even though this income stream involves you spending your time working with individuals, you should enjoy spending time with your clients and the discussing the topic you cover with them. A friend of mine said, “If you complain about your clients, and your client suck, that just means your marketing sucks, don't blame your clients.”

The beauty of coaching people online its that you can truly do it anywhere in the world; you pick your clients, make your own schedule and name your price. Today online coaches are everywhere; anyone can call coaching a craft, and if you are good at what you do, you will stand out from the crowd. However, the bad part is great coaching takes time (depending on your niche) to get things going. We recommend setting up free/low cost (preferably free) sessions with clients to begin with.

Work with your clients, over deliver and get some amazing testimonials you can use for your new sales pages. Some advice when starting an online coaching busines:. Do not over commit yourself. Getting paid $20k – $50k to work with one client for an entire year sounds awesome, especially if you were like me and made $20k/yr your first job out of college. However, if you are not sure that you like coaching or like coaching for extended periods of time, just ease your way into this sector of starting an online business.

Learn more about how to Launch A Coaching/ Consulting Business Online.



Is Creating A Online Coaching Business Right For You?

Have you always wanted to coach people in a certain area?  Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 2. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 -5 _____


  • Can take up alot of time.
  • Selling coaching online is not scalable unless you do group coaching / membership


  • High ticket income potential.
  • Highly fulfilling
  • Choose, who, where, and when you work.

#4 Online Membership Community

Building an online membership community is probably one of the most fascinating ways to create an online passive income stream! This model is truly one of the most under used ways of creating passive income and it is truly passive. Do the right work once and sometimes get paid for life!

Membership communities are one of our favorite ways to start an online business. They are simply a place where people pay monthly to access to a website, group, or program. In some instances, we have seen people run membership groups solely through a Facebook group. However, this is something we do not recommend. Facebook could shut your group down for any reason. So it's always safe to have your membership through something you actually own. (How To Host Your Membership)

This model is underestimated; it usually isn't something that you can just throw up with no experience, but should always be in the front of your mind on making the membership move. Finding someone who has launched a memership successfully is the best advice if this model seems like something you can launch.

I love to see offline business owners jump into the space of memberships. It immediately takes a business that was once just able to make a local impact and to making a global impact. 

Not to mention the income potential impact. Take a chef as an example. A chef can make money being employed at a restaurant, owning a school, catering, or hosting private events etc. What if that chef launched a membership site, giving away access to her cooking secrets and private recipes for $49/mo? 

Memberships do not have to be forever. You can choose to have your subscription last 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or anything between. That part is up to you. But its pretty amazing when you know you have money coming in on auto pilot for certain periods of time or even life!

Memberships are not easy to launch or maintain; We reccomend getting a virtual assistant and however, the reward for doing so can be life changing to say the least!


Is Creating A Online Membership  Business Right For You?

Question 1. Score 1 – 5 ____

Question 2. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 – 5 _____


  • Maintainance and customer support can be alot if you are doing it alone. Hire help!
  • Customers can feel like they own you, make sure to don't allow this.
  • Continuous memberships can hinder your time if not set up correctly 


  • High paying recurring income
  • Extremely leveraged business model
  • Some people will stay for life

#5 Selling Physical Products (E-Commerce)

Another fun way to create passive income online is to sell your products or other people’s products. A common Ebay, and many more!

With a little bit of a learning curve, we believe anyone can sell other people’s products on various e-commerce websites and you can also have a shopfiy store up in running within hours or days.

The first time I dabbled in e-commerce, I listed a paper towel holder on ebay for $18. Now bare with me on this. When someone purchased it, I took the $18, bought the same prodcut on Amazon for $3 and had it delivered to the customer. I never actually touched the merchandise and profited $15.

You may be saying $15 is not going to pay my mortgage Ryan, but if you can make one $15 profit a day, you can do 10, and if you can do 10, you can do 100, and if you do 100, that's $1500 per day!

The possibilities are endless today with e-commerce. The difference is the training you recieve and the research you are willing to do in order to get the right products in front of people who are already spending the money and looking for what you are listing!


Is E-Commerce The Right Online Businss For You? 

Question 1. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 2. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 – 5 _____


  • Low profit margins
  • Learning curve can be high at times 
  • Shipping products to customers (Unless dropshipping)


  • Extremely flexible 

#6 Affiliate Marketing

One of our favorite ways to create an income online is Affiliate Marketing. It is an extremely simple concept. You simply recommend products or services to your audience of people. We have made this one of our main sources of income since 2014 and continue to use this model because of it's simplicity.

For example, if you love all things cameras and video, you can easily build an audience thru talking about lighting, cameras, photography, and sound, etc on Instagram. You build it to 10k followers. Then, you do your best to think like a media channel.

What would my audience want to hear? Once you have an idea of the topics they want to talk about, you simply recommend products and/or services that you think will help solve their problems, or help get them to a desired result faster.

You send traffic from your instagram network to XYZ company website. The people from your network buy products and XYZ company sends you a check! Easy peezy!

With affiliate marketing, you don't do any customer fulfillment or support. You are simply the middle-man or woman. Your job is to drive traffic to other sites/companies. If the traffic you drive chooses to make purchases, the participating companies typicaly will send you a commission of 10-50% on average. Each company is differnt.

You would be suprised how many companies have affiliate programs, including Kohls, to Sephora, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. Affiliate marketing is a great model for anyone looking to start an online business, but  not quite sure exactly what they want to do long term.



Is Creating An Income From Being An Online Influencer Right For You?

Question 1. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 2. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 – 5 _____


  • Can Take alot of traffic to create desired results 


  • Reccommend others people stuff, get paid
  • Commissions 10% – 40%
  • You don't have to make any products to make money

#7 Freelancing / Online Consulting

Freelancing is a great place to start your entrepreneur journey and/or a great place to gain some amazing experience while making extra money. Eventually, some even earn a full time income. Some freelancing gigs can pay anywhere from $15 – $100+ per hour. 

You may be wondering howl do I find these freelancing gigs? That's simple, the best places are on and to start.

However, don't be afraid to get creative. Get involved with and host a mini workshop. It can be as simple as asking your social media following. Always make sure to ask for referrals and testimonials from happy customers.

Freelancing comes down to figuring out what you are good at or simply like to do that others may not know how to do or just don’t like to do it! Examples include, graphic design, resume writing, online payroll, website design, SEO, copywriting, video editing. The list goes on forever!

I believe there is something that you already know how to do or you’re good at doing that other people would pay you for! The cool thing about freelancing is that it often involves working with influencers in certain niches, so the relationships that can be developed can lead to significant incomes and partnerships if done correctly.


Is Creating An Income From Being An Online Influencer Right For You?

Do you have a skill set that not many do well: Web design, Graphic Design Etc?  Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 2. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 – 5 _____ 


  • People Quit
  • Deal With Wide Variety of People


  • Unlimited Income Possibilities
  • Extremely Leveraged Business Model

#8 Online Influencer Income

This is a cool way to generate income online. However, know it can be one of the hardest to get going. Once you get it going, this business model can be insanely profitable and passive. Therefore, if you are willing to do the work, you can definitely be rewarded for it!

Usually done on YouTube or Instagram, you can create passive income online through a few different avenues. On YouTube subscribers and watch time are king. If you’re familiar with the platform, you probably are aware that during a single video, you may see 2-5 advertisements depending on the length of the video. YouTube splits the ad cost with the user! Here’s how it works! You grow an audience over to 1,000 subscribers and X hours of watch time each month.

YouTube will pay you $2.00 per 1000 views and watch time. This may not seem like much, but this kind of income is completely passive and can add up FAST! – On Instagram, things work a little differently. Advertising works differently, so there are no Adsense dollars paid to the user.

However, other users would pay you for business inquiries and shoutouts (if your audience is large enough and engaging). I’ve seen people charge $100 per shoutout on an Instagram story. Imagine if you had 10 people each day ask for a shoutout. After a month that’s $30k.

All of this simply being yourself and growing an audience. Pretty cool; right?  Another awesome way to generate income using YouTube and IG as an influencer, is through brand endorsements! Certain brands want your audiences' eyeballs on their merchandise.

If you’ve built a strong audience around a cooking group of people, you may find (or be found) by a cooking brand that would pay you for simply using their product/equipment on your channels. Another example is our children love watching videos of other kids playing with toys. These children play with the toys and companies endorse or in many cases, send free toys for the children to open on youtube–for affect!

These videos reach upwards 50+ million views sometimes… just gonna let that sink in for a second. Toy companies don’t mind paying the creators of these channels and/or sending FREE toys for the channel creators to use on video or picture.



Is Creating An Income From Being An Online Influencer Right For You?

Question 1. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 2. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 3. Score 1 – 5 _____

Question 4. Score 1 – 5 _____


  • People Quit
  • Deal With Wide Variety of People


  • Unlimited Income Possibilities
  • Extremely Leveraged Business Model

Part 3 – Launching

The 4 Step Formula To Making Money Online


Step 1: Network Creation (Build Your Network)

In any online business, this is the first step of the formula that creates success! You build an audience/network online. Typically, this audience needs to be niched or share a common interest.

You have the choice of where you build that network of people. It can be on any social media platform, blog, forum, email list, etc. We recommend putting your focus and energy into just one to start. Not stretching yourself too thin on many.

For example, we chose to build our auidence/network through our ILC TV Podcast. Again, you can build your audience anywhere you choose. Remember, we recommend choosing ONE social platform to start.

Trying to build them all at once can be difficult and encourages a lack of focus. Build one at a time, and watch the others grow over time. 

Step 2: Engage That Network

What good is building an audience if we don't know our audience, LOVE, and trust them!? No good at all! We have to really find a way to connnect with our audiences now more than ever.

Any way you can really get to know your audience and let your audience get to know you is the core component of this step. Do you connect with Live Video on Facebook, Or Instagram? 

Do you have webinars/ or masterclasses? What about responding to comments? There are so many ways to create that raw connection with your audience. 

Step 3: Solve Their Problems (Genuinely)

Once you really know your audience, it's your job to actually solve their problems. If you have a product or service, it's your job to position that product in a way that your people know without a shadow of a doubt that you and/or your prodcut will solve their problems.

People don't care about intricacies your product; they just want to know it's going to fix their problems. When you solve problems, you get rich! When you help people solve thier problems, you suddenly notice fewer problems. 

Step 4: Taproot (Create A System of Referrals)

Imagine having a tribe of loyal customers who are ambassadors for your message. Once you create a system that funnels potential cusomters into actual customers, the final step is to turn around and invite happy customers to become evangelists for your brand, and its products/services.

People respond almost 3x better when referred to a product or service compared to other marketing channels. Our job is to give our customers a reason to spread the word.

Launching A Six Figure (& Beyond) Business

The first step to launching something that will create success online always starts with vision. Anything that doesn't start with a clear vision is a failed training or project! Vision is the genesis of all greatness, and launching your online business is no exception! Ask yourself, what does the future look like for you? What is going to give you the most fulfillment when you look back on this journey?

What is going to keep you consistent? Get clear on what you want your life to look like and how that business fits into that life right now. Continue to work on your vision daily as you grow., It's not something that must be completed today.

Don’t let this idea of “launching” keep you from taking action right now, in this very moment. Jeff Walker wrote a book entitled, Launch which is dedicated to the art of launching anything online the right way. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, Stripe, and SpaceX, says an idea starts in 3 places, in your mind, on paper, and then in reality.

Once you have the plan in your mind, it must be put into words on paper so you know exactly how to launch your online business. Think of launching your online business like a space shuttle leaving the planet. The shuttle needs to create an insane amount of force in the beginning to actually have the potential to leave the atmosphere's gravitational pull!

The same thing is required when launching a new business, course, new product, or when re-launching something. Take a page out of Hollywood’s book. When a new movie is set to release, Hollywood knows exactly how to use launching to get insane first month box office results.

If a movie is set to release this summer, think about the actual timeline of the launch. First, the script or idea for the movie is written, then casting is done. Next, the movie is filmed. About 6-8 months before the release date, you start to see promotions all over getting you excited about a movie you won’t see for half a year. You typically only see those ads while you’re actually at another movie. For good reason, about 2-3 months before launch day. That’s when you get radio ads, social media ads, and television ads all geared to get your butt in a movie seat.

Your launch process likely will not be two years. It may be two weeks or two months even. No matter what your launch timeline is, use what we've put together for you in our Ultimate Online Business Launch Guide to help you maximize your results on your next online business launch.

Validating Your Own Business Model

One thing that most people don't do when exploring the right online business to launch is the research aspect of validating your business idea. By all means, don't take this as an opportunity to NOT take action.

This post is designed to have done all the PRE-research for you. With our past experience, current results and detailed breakdown, you should have a much better idea of what you are going to create to have a profitable online business.

The problem we face is that most of us are looking for validation from the wrong people. Most people are addicted to the opinions of others. Seek advice from people who can guide you to your ideal result. Never take advice from anyone you wouldn't trade places with. 

Biggest Mistakes Online Entrepreneurs Make

As an entrepreneur, you are going to make mistakes. In fact, it may sound ironic and maybe you've heard it before, but your success is determined by the speed in which you fail and continue pushing forward!

#1 – Lack of Vision

For many of the people that we've helped create passive income online, the last thing they want to do is focus on their vision. Typically it's the thing that requires the most thought; it requires us to look inside and actually let go of things holding us down. When you stop thinking about the money, yyou start asking yourself the impactful questions like, “Wwill others'  lives look like if I create success in my life”?

#2 – 24/7 Comparison 

Social media is an absolutely amazing tool when it is used correctly, but, with anything good, there is usually a an equally  opposite that can go along with it. The unfortunate thing about social media is that is places us right in the middle of everyone else's lives.

Comparison is the next biggest villian of Creators looking to take control of their lives. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to comparison. When we look at others and immediately express gratitude for all the good things in their lifves, that's the good comparison. When we feel hate, anger, resentment or feel as if we aren't enough when we see others, that's the a serious disadvantage.

#3 – Focus

We live in a microwave-type of society today. There are so many ways to make an income online and because of smart phones, social media, etc, we have ads in our face each moment we are awake. And if you ever fall asleep during a television show or YouTube video, you're getting ads in your sleep.

When you see things all day long in your face, it can be hard to stay focused. When you are distracted it's keeps you from getting traffic and eyeballs to your offers!

Your main focus should be honing and communicating your message to cater specifically to your audience and getting more of that audience to take a look!



Part 5 – Getting Busy With It Day in Day Out!

You are now ready for the day to day hustle of being an online entrepreneur!

Congratulations just for taking the leap! No matter what business model you choose, make it happen, give 100%, and always ask for help when you feel like you need it. Feel free to connect with us closer on our ILCU Page. 

We have created a hub with everything you need to run your online business (The right way). Running an online business is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Stick to the course and you'll win!

Here are a few things you will need as you go about your journey online.

Your Own Website(s)

A personal or branded website is not mandatory at the beginning of your business launch. Yes, you can get away with starting your online business without it in some cases. Nevertheless, it's good to start the process of getting a website built and hosted now. Your website is NOT going to be perfect. Your website(s) are like houses. Think of them as online real estate. You will likely always be making improvements and adjustments over time. A website is truly never “complete”.

Social Media is great; it has the possibility in some cases to take the place to of a webisite temporarily. However, that is an extremely short term strategy. You aren't here to play the short game though right? You want LONG TERM success and lifestyle freedom.

That long term success will come from having your traffic go to a place that you OWN. Your website and email list! You do not own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. Therefore, at any given time you could be shut down. A friend of ours had a Youtube channel of 7 years, and over 30k subscribers. It was accidently shutdown by Google/Youtube.

They couldn't reverse the action. Lost forever! Although a blow like that is going to suck no matter how you spin it, its lesss of a blow to your gut when your audience is condidtioned to find you on your website, open your emails, or find you on another social platform.

Look to create a symbiotic social media eco system through all of your social marketing platforms; this way they can work as ONE unit, building your business together. The way you start this process is from your website's free offer. Your website should have a give away or lead magnet so people can download it, consume it, and connect with you other places.

Email Service

The most important thing any business can do each day, online or offline is continuously add to their list! How do you build your list? You collect leads through email. You have heard the saying “Your money is in your list” if you have been around entrepreneurship for any amount of time! So from day one, your focus should be on collecting emails.

We currently use Active Capaign for our email auto responder for our business model with ILC; it's the pefect fit. However, when I just started out building my personal brand in 2014, I used Getresponse first, and then shortly moved to Aweber (Which I recommend where most people start! Aweber is simple and user friendly with most websites and funnel platforms).

Hosting Platform

In order to have a website, you will need to have it hosted. A host is the place that keeps all the pages and data safe and secure. Companies like hostgater, bluehost , and blank are great to start! Choose a plan that works for you and ???

Funnel Platform

We don't compete for our prospect's money in business today… We compete for their attention! It is so difficult to keep our own attention on something, let alone keep someone else's attention on what we have going on. This is why funnels are so important today more than ever. 

We love Clickfunnels, it has become the industry standard for creating funnels that convert leads into customers and customers into lifetime tribe members.

If you are building a network marketing business model and looking to use a funnel platform, Clickfunnels still works great, however, We usually recommned MyLeadSystemPro's Funnelizer system for those building a network marketing business. It comes with social media training, online marketing training, team building courses and much more.


Content Marketing / Weekly Marketing Plan

Every digital entrepreneur has a vision for how they want to run their business. We believe that no one is going to have fun running a business doing things they hate to do! With that being said, most things are never final when it comes to getting your message to the right people.

For example, if your vision does not include doing Facebook live videos each day to connect with your audience, then the advice someone may give you that you must do live Facebook videos each day in order to be successful does not serve you. You decide how you want your business to operate and the clearer you get with this vision, the easier your business growth will become.

Take a moment and decide how often and what content you would like to produce for you audience on a weekly basis! Batching our content and having it planned for at least 3 months helps us tremendoesly. We batch videos, podcast, and blogs by shooting them all in one month and then releasing them over the course of 3 months. 

For Intentional Lifestyle Creators, we decided we wanted to have one Facebook Live each week, publish two Youtube videos each week, and email our audience 2-3x a week.

Any other marketing was at our disposal and we are never permanatly locked in on any given schedule! We just continue to be open and honest when it comes to Building Our ILC Tribe.


You should have a much better idea of how you can create passive income online! The most important thing to do right now is to start somewhere. It does not have to be perfect! Just do something, and if you have started to create a clear vision, the details will fall into place! As John Maxwell states, “Jump and find your wings on the way down”.

Once you start to shift your mindset to one that attracts passive income, any “employee” mentality will slowly fade away. However, understand that changing your mindset is not easy. It's like me telling you that you can no longer walk the way you've walked your entire life and now you have to walk sideways like a crab. 

You would have to consciously think about that action every step you took! However, done long enough, anything can become natural. You can make that shift towards online passive income! We can help. If you feel as if you need more clarity on the strategy and business model that is the best online business model for you, please connect with us on a free 15 min Breakthrough Session.

We reccomened taking the quiz first and gingo through our Free 4 Part Ultimate Passive Income Course before booking a session. We have limited space for Breakthrough Sessions and our Free course is worth more than what most charge thousands for. 

You can create a lifestyle of your dreams. It's possible and you could be just one choice away. 

Lifestyle Is A Choice, You're Just One Choice Away...

PS: If are NOT making the daily sales you'd like to online, its possible you're telling the wrong story. You may not be using STORIES the right way and its costing you sales. Discover how STORY TELLING will increase your daily sales today. Check It Out Here

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