We have a question for you!

When it comes to working with your spouse, are you working together or struggling and about ready to start a boxing match?

Seriously?! What exactly will keep the peace and work more in harmony?

We get it. It’s not always the easiest thing to work with your spouse.  I mean for real you are with each other ALL DAY LONG!

We wanted to share some tips that would actually help you SURVIVE the fight and work more harmoniously with your spouse.  Share a common vision for how you want your daily lives to flow more smoothly.

If you haven’t figured out how to work more in sync with your spouse, we got your back!  We are going to share 6 tips on how we have lived through the struggle and now work not just a business but an enjoyable growth of our lives with each other.

 Yeah, we got the goods!!   Are you ready?

1.Have Your Priorities Straight

It’s so important to have your priorities straight!  I am not sure about you, but I’m thinking the big guy above has dibbs on being first in line.  Have you ever prayed before you began anything and truly believed in what you prayed about?

Thats how we feel, before you begin your day, before you reach out and pick up the phone, you meditate and pray that today Lord, give me strength and put people in front of me that I can touch in someway and make a huge impact on them.

If you can put God first, EVERTHING else will fall in line.  Your family will be much happier, your business will thrive on the people you are impacting daily and you will feel it deep on the lives you have touched.

So simply put, God, Family and then Business.

2. Don’t Force It

When two people come together for the first time, its like an automatic “he says” or “she says”.  It’s not all we do is your way, and we spend the rest of the day doing it that specific way.

Don’t force his way or her way, share what your Vision is together so the other person understand where you are coming from.  Ultimately   The growth is going to happen during the process as your blend your ideas together and a natural path evolves.

3. It’s OK To Take A Break

Sometimes a breathe of fresh air is needed.  Take time away from your business and spend time with the family or simply take time for yourself.  A workout at the gym, a walk or run to clear your head.  That time away is absolutely ok!

What will happen is you will be refreshed and actually miss your business!  Fresh new ideas to bounce off your spouse can make life just a little more interesting once those juices get flowing again.  Get excited doing what you love, and doing what you love with your spouse where both of you are on Board is just an added Bonus!!

Who ever said all work and no play, makes a marriage stale?  Well lots of PLAY and time with yourself is often the key to make life just a little bit more spicier!!!

4. Work On Your Vision

Now this one is KEY!  Often life gets really busy, and if you have kids you know what i am talking about… taking the kids to events, working your biz, coaching sessions with your clients… it all is a whirlwind of busy busy busy!

Pick a time once a week where you and your spouse have a SET TIME to reflect and tweak on what has happened the past week.  Put it on your calendars to spend an hour to discuss, reflect and make any changes necessary to move forward.  You both stay on the same page and neither spouse is confused on the direction of the business.  Everything is in complete alignment… well maybe as close as we can be at least…LOL!!

5. Be Open To The Other Person’s Opinions and Respect Them


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!!!

Lol… we say this all the time. It’s actually a pretty good phrase to live by. 😉

Each spouse is going to have their own ideas and opinions on how the show must go!  Be ready like you listen to your audience, your kids, give each spouse a chance to state their opinion.  Wether you agree or disagree, respect what has just been offered.  It may take a minute to understand their viewpoint, but the rewards will be so much greater.

How many couples do you know that can work in Bliss Together?  What I thought, take these tips  to heart because a happy couple is a thriving couple and magic can and WILL happen once these steps help you to gain clarity about what the other is thinking.

6. Appreciation

In this final step, let the other person know they are doing a great job and ask what you can improve on.

Here is where you can really communicate with your spouse.  Whose knows you the best?

After working together you see the strengths and weaknesses of each other.  It’s a major thing to complement each other and together you have the complete picture.

Both your efforts go into every phase and you have each other’s Backs through it all.  So give that pat on the back, speak well of your spouse and the many gifts they bring, and your efforts will soon be reciprocated.

Ever walk by a older couple in the park that still holds hands, and dances in the rain?…. yeah i get choked up too… <3

At the end of the day, if you want to ensure your success in your online business just don't quit, no matter what type of support you get from your spouse, Do NOT QUIT! If you want the above tips to work for you. Make sure that you commit and never give up! If you would like some extra help with your business and working on what we just spoke on head over to our ILCU Coaching Page to learn more!

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