For my first two years in network marketing I continuously wondered how top mlm leaders did what they did. What was there secret? Are they better than me, are they more talented than me? I was determined to figure this hidden secret out. I was determined to become one of the top mlm leaders in our industry. So my first breakthrough moment was starting to actually DO the things top mlm leaders where doing. I will admit, I wasn't doing everything, but I was heading in the right direction. I did this for about a year until my next revelation came. “I just can't do what they do, in order to become a top mlm leader, I have to THINK, like they THINK”. Little did I know that was going to be one of the biggest catalyst for my career. Once I started to think like a top mlm leader, I started to do the things they did, day in, and day out, with much more focus, clarity, and passion. So in today's blog post I will share some mindset hacks you can use today to start thinking like a top mlm leader, so you can start producing like one!

5 Keys To Thinking Like a Top MLM Leader

Helping, Serving, & Solving Problems 

Number 1 – If you want to crush it in your company, or in any fashion as an entrepreneur, you must think in a helping, serving, problem solving manner. The top professionals in our niche are focused on helping other people improve the quality of their lives, whether that be through their products/service, through the opportunity, or even through association/mentorship. A mentor of mine would always say to me “If you solve problems, you will get rich”. I still believe that today. If you find out your prospects problems, instead of being one for them, watch your network marketing business sky rocket. If you are thinking in a way that always starts with “How can I make this person's life easier today” you my friend will make strides! The selfish are worried about themselves and what they will get from it. This is not the way to becoming a top mlm leader.

Think Like An Entrepreneur 

Number 2 – Its time to think like a real entrepreneur. Most of us when we start our journey as an entrepreneur, we still are thinking like an employee when it comes to money, problems, rejection, success, etc. Any given situation is dictated by our employee mindset. Some time goes by and we realize employee thinking just doesn't cut it well in network marketing or any business for that matter. So we start to think like a network marketer, and we see some results typically. Thats good, but still doesn't get us to that top mlm leader status. If we want to reach that level, we need to start thinking like top level entrepreneurs, not just good network marketers, but fortune 5k and 500 owners. Many of us would love to make six figures in our business. Compared to most businesses that exists thats nothing, Challenge yourself to learn as much as you can from guys like Mark Cuban, Mark Z, Bill Gates and more. These guys are not in the network marketing industry at all, but their trends and traits can greatly effect how you operate your home business.

Think Like Your Most Skeptical Prospect

Number 3 – This is a tough one, especially if you're starting to have some success in your business. I know for me when I started seeing some results consistently, I started to lose sight of the way I felt when I was struggling to generate a lead for the day. Number 3 is grow, while continuing to think like the person that has never cracked open a personal development book. As you grow yourself, continue to think like the most skeptical prospect you may have. If you are in the mind of the most skeptical person you'll encounter, nothing will shock you. Nothing can jump out at you and get you off of your game. You already know what this person is thinking. Even though this person will not always buy/join, thats ok. You will cover all your bases for every other person that happens to see/hear your message. Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 11.12.44 PM

Think Like A Media Company

Number 4 – I see people that produce content daily miss this one big factor. They aren't thinking like a media company. If you're looking to grow your network marketing business using the internet, one of the best ways to do that is through education of an audience. Maybe you have an audience that is into heath and nutrition, what else are they into? Make content not only about health and nutrition but the 5-10 other things that may be relevant to your main topic. Then consider having an affiliate offer that goes along with your main offer. This is why I tell network marketers that they are leaving money on the table if they don't have an affiliate offer. The reality is that you're going to hear “NO”, much more than you will hear “YES”. The top mlm leaders close at 30% to 50%. What do you do with the other 50% to 70%? You have something else to offer, that does not conflict with your main offer. If someone does not take your main offer, you still need to be able to generate revenue. This will keep you in the game longer, and the longer you can stay in the game, the greater chance of becoming a top mlm leader. I love this affiliate offer, its helped us a ton over the years. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

Think Like A Church 

Number 5 – Lisa Grossman pulled me aside years and told me if I wanted to become a top mlm leader I had to start thinking like a church. I was a little confused but I listened and my world opened up like crazy! Long story short, a church doesn't look to only serve the people that decide to become preachers, or deacons. The church serves the majority, it looks to serve and cater to the 80% of people that just want to come periodically, and then go home. Churches would not be successful if they ONLY served the groups in the community that wanted to participate at the highest level. Unfortunately, only about 3-5% of people fall into that category. This is a huge problem in network marketing. We think that everyone that is a customer, or thats active wants to run for the top of the compensation plan. The reality is that 80% of people are active just for the products, and/or community they like to be a part of. Not everyone desires to make the money that you may be looking to make, and thats ok. Create an environment of growth. Desire can not be taught. But it can be created in the right environment.

Thank You – Ryan & Wes McMorris

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