The Power Of Storytelling…

One of the most over looked skills in any business is the story. Not the story of the company or the product. But YOUR personal and unique story.

Anyone can tell a story about the background of a company… or the details of a product… but your prospects don’t care… #NotAtAll

Think about it like this….. you joined right? Of course, you did. You didn’t join because you heard an awesome fact on how a long-lost doctor found an ancient fruit on a hike, mixed it with a secret ingredient and BOOM… your mlm was born!!

You joined because you heard a story that related to you. You joined because you heard a story of someone who couldn’t lose weight and lost 30 pounds from the product. Or a story of a single parent who worked 3 jobs and never saw their kids and now works from home with this business. You joined because you heard a story of how it changed someone’s life in hopes that it would also change yours. So why attempt to get others to join on facts that didn’t move you…? Stop…

Sharing your story and the story of others is going to be the MOST impactful thing you do in your business. People don’t only want to hear how much you’re making now… but where you started and where you plan to go. People love the struggle stories when it leads to a success story.

If you haven’t been sharing your story because you honestly don’t know what it is….or don't realize you even have one… lets get you started ASAP! CHECK OUT the video below and keep reading!

1. You Do Have A Story

It might sound crazy… but a lot of people don’t even realize they have a story. We talked to one of our clients the other day. She swore she didn’t have story. After asking her a few questions, she came pouring out with this incredible story. We were in shock! Okay not really lol…. But here is this amazing woman who wasn’t even sharing her story because she THOUGHT she had nothing to share. As stated above, WE ALL HAVE A STORY.

No matter how big or small you think your story is, it can and will always help others when you share it. Telling yourself that you don’t have a story could be the one thing thats keeping you from catching some serious momentum in your business. Hearing your story each day, from yourself will give you the confidence you need to keep going through any obstacle.

**Side note: Think about how much of a difference it would make if you helped people around you realize they have a story.

2. People Can Handle Your Story

Do you sometimes think that your story is too much for someone else’s ears. That somehow, people may get offended?  Lets go ahead and kick that excuse to the curb! We ALL go through some STUFF! Every single one of us. We go through different stuff, similar stuff, even the same stuff. But WE ALL GO THROUGH IT! If there is ever a time that someone tells you that your story is too much to share, they aren’t being authentic with you or themselves. So you don’t need to worry about them anyways ?

But seriously, if you keep your story to yourself because you think its ‘too much’ to share, think about the others who think and feel the same way. Then think about all the others you could actually help if you did share your story. Don’t be selfish and keep a story that could help others change their lives.

From the great words of our friend and mentor Ray Higdon, “You are selfish if you don't share your story”.

3. How To Tell Your Story

Alright, so here's the deal…. some of us just simply don’t know how to share our story. Sharing your story lets others know that they aren’t alone. Sharing your story makes you vulnerable and people actually love to see that. It makes you relatable. It lets people in on who you really are. And quite frankly, if you aren’t sharing your story- YOU ARE SELFISH. You should be sharing your story daily because you never know who’s life you can change just by doing so.

If you don’t know what your story is or how to share it, we definitely recommend doing so! It can and will absolutely change things. Sharing your story is the most profitable thing you can do to grow your biz. So if you haven’t already, make sure to check out our Story Telling Workshop (below). Other people that have went through this course have had incredible results. It will definitely change your life!!!

THE FUN PART!! Crafting Your Impact Story!

But before you do that, we put together some questions to get you started with crafting your story. Make sure to grab a pen and and some paper to get your story down and ready to share!


  1. Who are you? What is your background. What makes up who you are. What do you do right now as an occupation?


  1. What changed in your life? What happened that got you open?


  1. How did you hear about xyz thing? What research did you do to find this thing?


  1. What has it done for you so far?


  1. What do you believe it’s going to do for you?


Remember, the more of a struggle story that you have, and you don’t share it…. That makes you selfish. So, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and share you story. You never know who is watching and how it can help them.

Now that you have your story down, we’d love to show you how to actually use it for profit! In our Story Telling Workshop, we dive into:

-Perfecting your story

-How to tell your story on video

-How to connect with people on video/phone using your story

-How to get people to watch your presentation using your story

-How to build a successful tribe using your story

 We had tons of fun doing this workshop and the testimonials were incredible! 


Lifestyle Is A Choice, You're Just One Choice Away…

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