We have a question for you!

How long are you gonna tell yourself that you’ll start working towards your dream lifestyle next year, next month, next week…?

Seriously?! What is stopping you from starting today? The ONLY thing that is stopping you… is YOU.

We get it. It’s not always to easiest thing to change things in your life. But you have to think about your life now… then think about the life you really want. And if you’re not doing things daily that is getting you closer to the life you want, that needs to change.

We were looking at old videos that we did over the past 6 months and thought this subject would really help you out. We originally made this video to get people ready for the new year but as we were watching it, it made sense to get this out to you.

If you haven’t achieved any of your goals for the year, or you’re feeling stuck because you don’t know the first step to start with, we wanna help you out. We’re gonna share 5 tips that we used last year that brought us Rapid Success in our lives and business. We really want you to let each of these steps soak in… then, as always, TAKE ACTION!

The best time to start is now! Stop waiting for the next year. Or waiting for something to happen before you get started on creating the life of your dreams. Start today! Ready?

1.Clarify Your Vision

It’s so important to get super clear on YOUR vision. No one can create your vision but you. People in your life (such as your parents, friends, co-workers, etc.) will try to push their vision onto you. They don’t do this to be bad people or mess up your life. They do this because their vision is not the same as yours. God doesn’t give everyone the same vision. So, you need to make a commitment to yourself to NEVER let anyone else push their vision into YOUR VISION.

Next, we want you to get really big with your dreams and goals. Think of the highest goal or dream you possibly can…. Then take it one step further. There are no limits. Again, remember… If God gave you the vision, ITS POSSIBLE. Now get super specific. Write them down. Keep these dreams and goals in front of you at all times.  If you don’t have a vision board, MAKE ONE.  If yours is old, redo it. Make it current with your new goals. Keep it somewhere in your house where you look at it every single day. We keep ours across from our bed so we wake up and go to sleep focusing on everything on it every single day. GET CLEAR AND STAY FOCUSED ON YOUR VISION!!

2. Strategize Your Actions.

Figure out the top 3 things that need to be done TODAY. Then number those 3 things in order of importance. Start with number 1. If you need to, you can even break down the number 1 thing into sections also. This will help you actually get it done. So, if you have a 2-hour training to get done but it’s hard for you to find 2 hours to watch the entire training in one sitting, then break it up into 30 minute sessions through the day. Make sense?

So, find out that activity you need to do to make this year, month, week, day a different. And focus on that number 1 thing until its complete. Don’t start the other things on the list until it is. We’ve found that doing things this way really help us get the things that will really make a difference done first without getting sidetracked.

3. Upgrade Your Skills.

What skills do you need to get better at in order to achieve your goals? Really think about this and look at what you’re doing that is helping you get better at those skills? It’s okay to not be good at something. But if it’s something you need to be good at (such as talking to people), get good at it! Practice, practice, practice. Until you feel confident about that skill. Go for skill sets that will outlast a Facebook algorithm.

We also want you to think about what investments do YOU need to make for yourself in order to achieve your goals? If you’ve never invested in training, courses, or a coach…. We know it might be scary at first. But you must know that you will never go or grow to the next level if you don’t do it. We’ve seen people who started in this industry with us and either dropped out or are in the same exact place because they weren’t willing to invest in their growth. And for us, we see MAJOR changes in our lives every time we make that next investment in a coach. We promise you…. every person that is achieving all of their goals… has a coach. So, don’t be scared to do what you need to do to upgrade your skills. You won’t regret it. That’s a fact.

4. Optimize Your Environment.

You need to know that It is okay to outgrow people. Everyone has the opportunity to grow just like you are doing. If there are people in your life who are not supporting your vision, you need to tell them….PEACE. Surround yourself with good people who are going in the same direction as you. People that want to grow and want a better life.

Don’t think that we’re telling you to completely eliminate everyone from your life who isn’t in your business or building one for their self. That’s not what we’re saying. We’re saying that you need to eliminate the negative people who aren’t supporting your goals and dreams. Eliminate the people who are constantly talking down on you and constantly complaining about their own life but not doing anything to change it. Surrounding yourself with people like that will only drain your energy and eventually bring you down with them.

Start joining mastermind groups. Go to encouraging meetups where you can meet some awesome people. Find a gym. Eat at healthy places. One of the biggest shifts you can make is who you hang out with on your lunch break. Make sure it’s someone who is going to push you and support your goals. And know, that it’s okay to be by yourself for a while if needed. We both had to do it for a while. We just eliminated all of the negativity from our lives and built it back up with people and things that supported and encouraged our growth.

5. Master Your Psychology.


Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself!!!

Lol… we say this all the time. It’s actually a pretty good phrase to live by. 😉

You need to train your mind to live in abundance and not get stuck in a lack mindset. In the world we live in, its super easy to get caught up in the negativity. It’s easy to let other people’s opinions get in our heads. But you have to seriously train your mind if you want to live the life of your dreams.

How do you do this??

READ, listen to good audio books, meditate, go for walks, workout, eat better, drink good water. Sounds simple, right?? Then why don’t we do these things like we should be? Are you taking time out to read daily? Are you listening to audio books in the car? Or music? Are you making sure you work out? Meditate? What kind of foods are you putting in your body? And what kind of water are you drinking? Believe it or not, but the kind of water you put into your body makes a HUGE difference! (Find out what kind of water we drink here.)

So again, CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. If you’re not feeding your mind and body the things it needs, START! We all have all the tools we need to truly live the life we crave for.  But you must be using them how you’re supposed to. Follow these 5 steps we talked about to today and we promise you will start to see an amazing shift in your life and business.

At the end of the day, if you want to ensure your success in your network marketing business, just don't quit. If you want the above tips to work for you. Make sure that you commit and never give up! If you would like some extra help with your business and working on what we just spoke on head over to our ILCU Coaching Page to learn more!

Lifestyle Is A Choice, You're Just One Choice Away…

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