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Episode 2 of ILC TV, and we are pulling out the recap episode!

2018 was one of our biggest years in regards to personal development and BIG life challenges! It was filled with a ton a good and a ton of bad. All serving it’s purpose to help move us to our greater purpose.

In this episode of ILC Tv, Ryan and I pull back the curtain into our biggest life and business lessons of last year and how we plan to build on them to make 2019 our best year ever.

Wes – Lesson #1: Slowing Down To Speed Up.

Wes – Lesson #1: Slowing down to speed up.

One of the best lessons I can say I pulled from 2018 was being able to actually slow down, not be so go go go towards the same goal that wasn’t working anymore. Realizing that when I took time to think and reflect on what I actually wanted my life to look like, I was able to have some serious breakthrough moments.

As entrepreneurs, we can easily fall into that feeling of setting a goal and hitting it no matter what the cost. It’s ok to have goals, desires and wants change. If you’re always moving at 100mph, it’s hard to see what little changes need to be made that could yield big time results and happiness.

So, Lesson #1, Stop chasing a goal that isn’t working for you anymore. Take a step back and really re-evaluate EVERYTHING. Stop chasing the wrong thing.

Slow down so you can actually hear what God is trying to tell you. God wants your full attention and your full focus. He wants you surrender 100%, nothing less.

Book: The Surrender Experiment

Ryan – Lesson #1 “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.”

I heard James Wedmore say this and it hit me like a ton of bricks! I feel like I’ve heard this before but this time was much different.

The things that got you here……your actions, your habits, your thoughts, your desires etc, none of those things are at the right level to take you to your next level.

They must grow, they must evolve (like you) in order to produce a new result!

So, although some things had worked extremely well in the past and work extremely well for the majority of our ILC tribe members, we realized our life as a whole wasn’t complete.

It required a new us and the way we did/handled things. We had bigger visions, we had new/bigger problems!

The solution started with tripling our vision and taking a hard look at the clarity of our vision. We noticed that the vision we had was connected to the life we wanted and had achieved 2 years ago.

It was time to stretch and expand! We were forced to look at our beliefs about a lot of different things from a completely new perspective!

Wes – Lesson #2 Hearing something again and it hits you differently.

Following your passion to the fullest! Don’t focus on the money, focus on your passion and serving others.

Don’t be afraid to say no, good entrepreneurs say no.

If you're not sure of your passion, start to take baby steps towards what you think it might be. What keeps you going? What keeps you awake?

And know that your passion can and will change. My passion today isn’t what it was 2, 4, or 6 years ago.

Ryan Lesson #2: Be a Real Entrepreneur and Trust Your Damn Gut

This was a big lesson for us because we have always tried our best to be coachable when working with our mentors and coaches. Don’t get me wrong, you should always be coachable. There are certain things that are fundamental and must be done a certain way to create success. However, nothing is ever final by any means. Once you have your core foundation in place and understand the fundamentals of the niche you play in, it’s completely up to you to be your own entrepreneur, trust your gut and better judgment that make decisions based off of your clarity of the vision you created.

No matter their results or who they are, what works for them may not work the same way for you. And that’s ok. Your job as an entrepreneur is to be coachable, test things and get a result from your test. If you get a progressive result. Keep going. If you’re not getting the result you desire, chalk it up as a way that didn’t work.

Take ideas, the ones you truly resonate with… and run with them. If you can’t seem to get down with a particular piece of advice, it’s ok. It’s not meant for you. No big deal. Even if that advice has made someone else millions, learning to say “no” is a useful skill for the successful. Don’t be afraid to try things and make them your own!

Wes Lesson #3: Let Go & Let God

Like frfr. I feel like everyone says this but is anyone really doing it?

As entrepreneurs, we have a plan. We have goals. We know what we have to do. We know how to handle situations and obstacles that come our way….

Right? It’s hard for us to actually give up control with… well anything. But there are some situations and obstacles that you must learn to truly LET GO AND LET GOD.

This was a huge lesson for me over the past year when I literally had no other choice than to let go of a situation with my entire soul… or it might have killed me.

It’s tough! Trust me, I know! But when you know you NEED to do it, PRAY! God will help you give up that control slowly but surely. And when you truly 100% release that situation, you will feel like the world is lifted off your shoulders.. and it’ll be amazing.

BUY THIS BOOK: The Surrender Experiment

Ryan Lesson #3: Having a Solid Lead Source for Our Business.

Over the years we got a little lazy with our marketing basics. So we said to ourselves “lets get back to basics and really over serve our audience.”

We were able to really take our eyes away from money, away from numbers, and got back to making amazing content for our tribe.

We weren’t worried about VIP tribe members, just the pure connection to build an audience of people that stood for the same things we believed in. We wanted to get back to giving out free content and resources that most people charge for.

We wondered why all the coaching, training, and events weren’t making a difference like they once were. We had lost touch of the foundation to our success.

Then a new podcast was born! A reinvented website! A renewed vision and purpose! The new ILC is a place where entrepreneurs become extraordinary.

We want ILC to be your go to resource for you succeeding as a digital entrepreneur! So be sure to stay plugged in, stay connected, and let us know how we can help you in YOUR business and life. Don't be shy. Comment below, email us, comment on YouTube, FB or IG. We will ALWAYS get back to you and get you moving in the right direction!

ILC will also provide highly useful, FREE training on our website and youtube channel, plus bonus support with the ILC community!


We believe that you can create passive income online to create the lifestyle of your dreams, never give up, never settle, be intentional, and always create! You're always one choice away from a completely new lifestyle!

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Marketing Show Notes and Resources Mentioned in the Episode ?

?Mentioned Resources – Clickfunnels helped us get our leads and funnels to the right place. If you do not already use it for your business. Consider taking the FREE 14 Day Trial. 

? – Our Top Five Books To Read From 2018 
1. Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself 
2. High Performance Habits 
3. TBD
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5. TBD

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