Have you ever looked back at a situation and you trace it back to one particular instance that shaped the entire outcome? I have had it happen plenty of times. But I have often been told our lives are defined by only a few key moments. This is by far the wildest story I have ever experienced and I get excited when I tell it. The outcome will shock you! The details will grab you!screen-shot-2017-01-10-at-10-27-41-am

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Getting The Most From Events

  1. Find the top leaders in your particular company or niche and find out what events they are attending! Many live events are annual or quarterly, so find about 4-8 events each year and continue to attend them. Eventually you'll find yourself on stage speaking that the events or having your story shared.
  2. Take excellent notes and if the recordings are available buy them immediately. Events can be very high energy and as much as you are sure you won't miss a thing! Trust me you will. Even the best note takers on the planet miss things at live events so having the recordings to go back over and over will set you apart from the crowd tremendously!
  3. Cash in your notes as checks! Many of us after attending an event never actually return to our notes. Your audience more than likely was not at the event! They need to hear what you've learned. Take those notes and turn them in to videos, content, blogs, discussions, and even course material! You may be sitting on a gold mine of old notes and notebooks right now!
  4. Go VIP! VIP is so priceless! The ability to have dinner and share moments with some of the top names in your niche will last forever! While others are doing nothing in their hotel rooms! You are mingling and creating relationships with the people that can have the greatest impact on your life and career!
  5. Document EVERTHING!! We live in a socially connected world! People want to keep up with your every move! Especially while they are watching you thinking “I should have gone to that event”. So from the airport to the hotel. To the event sessions, until you get home DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Use those recordings for marketing material for ads!

Hope you got a ton of value from this post and I surely hope to see you at some up coming events! I will leave you with this for all the network marketing professionals reading! Make it a point to go to all the events you can! When your teams start to follow and you can have 100 or more ppl at an event with you…You'll never worry about money again.

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