Ep: 14 Breaking Through Pressure To Find Purpose

Meet Jen Johnson!

I’ve known Jen for a few years and she has truly shown how she went from feeling like she wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to take… to letting God take control of the wheel and guiding her to her amazing story today.

Wesley: How did you break free to find your true passion and what God really wanted you to do?

Jen: For years, I was in the NWM space and I struggled for a lot of years. I’ve always liked the picture of creating my own hours- being my own boss… but I felt like I was always searching for more. So I was never really fired up the way I knew I could be. I trusted the process and the journey of getting my feet wet. Through it all, I was constantly searching for what it was I was created to do… how I could make a bigger impact. I never stopped searching and being open to what came my way. Its up to us to have faith and walk towards those open doors that open on our path.

Wesley: Its gets to a point where its not about money anymore. Its about living your true purpose and making the biggest impact.

Jen: Connection is currency. You have to be willing to step out into courage, take risks, and understand that failing is an awesome thing. For a long time, I didn’t let God into my business. I wanted to handle it myself and fell into that trap of not letting God into the industry. So for a long time, my results got less and less. Finally, I had enough of it. And realized that it wasn’t working anymore. I decided to go Gods route, and thats when everything started shifting and really going in the direction it was supposed to.

Wes: For us, we struggled with thinking we were giving God control of our business- when in reality, we were still following our plan. It wasn’t until everything fell apart that we realized that we weren’t giving God control.

Jen: We have a creator who knows us inside and out. Its important that we choose to give the person who actually knows the plan (God) be in control. It’s important that we use the gifts God gave us to follow His plan and make a difference, otherwise those gifts are being throw away. And you’re missing the purpose.

Wes: We all have our own gifts that God gave us. The more you try different things, the closer you get to finding YOUR gift.

Jen: A lot of people say that don’t know what their passion is… but in order to find your real passion, you have to try new things and experience new things. And when you start to feel something that lights you up, keep going in that direction. Find your SHAPE…

S- SPIRITUAL GIFTS- Things that were embedded into you when you were born.

H- HEART- What sets your soul on fire?

A- ABILITIES- What are things that you’re capable of doing or mastering as a skill set?

P- PERSONALITY- What color personality are you?

E- EXPERIENCES- Focusing on the experiences and the lessons you’ve learned. And how you’ve impacted people through it.

Wes: God puts you through certain struggles so you can take what you learned and help others who are going through the same/similar thing.

Jen: Gods way more interested in building our character than our comfort. The struggles is where the faith grows and we see what we’re made of. If you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel, you need to do something differently.

Wes: When you pray, you have to actually have faith and trust. If you pray, but don’t actually trust and let go, you’ll keep going through the situation so your faith can grow. Through your struggles is how He molds you into the person He needs you to be for the next blessings in your life.

Jen: Gods waiting for you to let go of your battles so He can take control and fight them for you. He can’t work with it until you 100% let it go. Its so easy to get caught up in stress and worry. Thats why its so important to study the word and bury yourself in scripture. Read it daily. Meditate on it. And instead of the world telling you who you are, let God tell you who you are.

Stop waiting for a voice… and start looking for a verse.

How noisy is your life? Is if even possible for you to hear what God is trying to tell you? You need to have meetings with God and brain dump… and ask Him what the next thing is. Let Him move you.

Wes: There is so much noise everywhere we go. Its so hard to get to a place where you can actually hear what God is trying to tell you. You need to make it a point to find a quite place/time where you can sit and meditate with God.

Jen: I challenge you to set some time aside to pray, write, and really spend some time building a relationship with God.

Wes: How did you start to get on the path you’re on now? How did you start to find your true passion and following what God wanted you to do?

Jen: I started getting quiet. I started bringing Him back into my business. I started listening to Him vs. what people were telling me. We can either follow the American dream… or we can follow God’s dream. But we can’t do both. If we don’t sit down and shut up and listen to God, we can get caught up in the drift with the rest of the world. The more I sat down with Him and listened to Him, the more He would give me direction to follow. It took a lot of trust to operate out of faith instead of fear. You get to a point of knowing faith and BEING in faith. It takes work.

Wes: I love what you said…. Its important to listen to HIM and not other people. No matter what other people are telling you, if you don’t feel aligned with something and you feel that tugging, thats God trying to tell you something.

Jen: You need to look at the people who are giving you advice. Where are they at in their life and how did they get there? Have they followed God’s principles and got to where they are without cheating? Its important that we love everyone, but we only need to take advice from people who follow the same biblical principles as us… the ones that are in line…

Wes: What has been your biggest leap of faith and how has it been different with you having your faith instead of living in fear?

Jen: My biggest jump has been the leadership work that I’ve been doing. Its been the hardest work that I’ve ever done. And its been the most crucial. Ive been learning a whole new way of thinking and a new way of being. Since I’ve been really building my relationship with God, the more the faith shows up and it gives me comfort to make the jump.

Wes: When I feel that tugging, I think about it, I pray on it, then if its the right move, I feel God telling me “I got you”. Once I have that, fear doesn’t exist.

Jen: We grow by always trying to tackle the next level of uncomfortable. Its a matter of learning to step into courage and go for it and allowing yourself to embrace sucking at it the first time around. There’s no other way through. You just have to go through it to GROW. Take the fear out of failing. Think “Failing is a WIN”. Stop being a spiritual baby.

Wes: What would you recommend to someone who might be scared to make the next bold move?

Jen: I recommend you figure out what its costing you NOT doing it. Whats the price you’re paying to not do it?

OMG!!! It was so awesome having Jen on the show!! I knew she was up to some pretty amazing stuff and we were blessed today to have her on spilling all the beans!!! If you’re not following Jen yet, do so!! Get involved with her community and definitely pick up your -Quiet Time Guide- so you can get on track today!

Jens Info:

Private community- turnpurposetoprofit.com

A Christian Entrepreneur Community

Free Quiet Time Guide- meetjenjohnson.com/quiettime

The daily guide that she uses!

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