To have a successful networking business there are many ways to reach the “land of paradise.” For many, that is the coveted $10K/month mark, for others it's the $100K/year mark. When you’re new, most say, “If I can make an extra $5K/month I'll be set!” But no matter what your goals are, and no matter what path you choose to get there, there are always, and will always be some common factors that you NEED in order to have success in your field. These are the 4 things that your prospects are looking for, any and every time you’re prospecting!

1. Your prospects want a LEADER. And someone who teaches is a LEADER. When you’re in front of the perfect prospect the most important deciding factor is usually NOT money! It's leadership! Being a true leader is a decision in your mind more than anything else. When you DECIDE to take the role as teacher/educator things start to change in your business. Always be on the look out for ways to learn how to become the best leader you can. This is where I learned 90% of my leadership skills.

2. Know, Like, and Trust. When was the last time you bought something from someone you didn’t know, like, and trust. You build this by teaching them things they don’t already know. Educating your audience will set you apart from 95% of marketers in the industry.

3. Prospects want SOLUTIONS. Take your time to get to know your prospects, and find out EXACTLY what they want. If you have done your job in targeting your perfect market, then you should already know EXACTLY what your target market is looking for! If not, check out this cool article about how to define your target market. Take yourself COMPLETELY out of the equation. Your Job is to Find a Need and Fill it. You can’t force a need. Cater to that need. And ask if they would like you to help solve the problem.

4. Prospects want to be make the decision themselves. Many people don’t like being “sold”, but we LOVE to buy. Allow them time and ask good questions. Good closing questions are the key to making sure they are directed to the right information to make a sound decision that will help them reach their goals. For More on This Reach out to me on Facebook – CLICK HERE NOW.