Welcome to our very first PODCAST episode of ILC TV!

My name is Wesley and I co host with my awesome (he made me say that) husband Ryan. We are really excited for you to be here and we look forward to serving you in your journey as an online entrepreneur!

When Ryan first mentioned doing a podcast, I was like, “ummmm no”! Lol. But then my mind started racing and I felt totally pulled to do one. So 24 hours later, I said, “lets do it”! Now I am sooo excited to do this podcast and really make a huge impact in the the digital entrepreneur space and your life in particular!

Lets dive into the problem with online entrepreneurship and the reason WHY we decided to create ILC (Intentional Lifestyle Creators) in the first place!

There are a ton of pros and cons to having an online business…Mostly pros when done the right way, but most just aren't doing it right! Its sad watching people do something that could create insane freedom in their life, but do it all wrong and end up creating more stress, anxiety and frustration!

Today its so easy to start an online business, which is good and bad. Anyone can start a business with a click of a button, the problem with that is, anyone can start a business with the click of a button lol. So anyone can walk around calling themselves an entrepreneur!

This muddies the water a bit in our industry. However, its up to you, its up to us, as Lifestyle Creators, to rise above, and shine as real entrepreneurs making a real impact in our communities.

For me, I have always had this entrepreneurial soul, but I never had any real guidance or mentorship. So I did what most real go getters do… get degree after degree to feel successful. I was working 50+ hours a week and missing my daughter grow up!

Start Somewhere!

No matter what you are doing right now, just start! Any step is the right step at this point and there is no such thing as bad decisions when you trust your vision. Just grow each day, keep making progress and keep moving! We both started in things that were not our passions, but because of those decisions it led us to our passions!

Create Belief in Yourself.

You don't have to have the best idea. You don't have to have all the answers. Get started, get around people that will lift you up instead of bringing you down and you will start to create some real BELIEF in yourself and your vision!

Be Passionate About This Journey

Use Your Passion is some way to move towards being a high performing digital entrepreneur! Understand that your passion can change. The journey is the way. Go on a mission to find your passion and build your business around what you're passionate about and what you're good at. Live your passion, don't get caught up in the world's opinions about your dreams.

You are not going to be on fire everyday in your business, you are NOT going to be motivated everyday in your business!

This is WHY we created ILC, we believe that online entrepreneurs are just different than traditional business owners! You can CREATE your lifestyle.

Whats coming with ILC TV

We have a ton of awesome interviews lined up with some seriously amazing entrepreneurs., We have some value packed solo episodes from me and from Ryan. As well as really fun episodes of us together!

We want ILC to be your go to resource for you succeeding as a digital entrepreneur! So be sure to stay plugged in, stay connected, and let us know how we can help you in YOUR business and life. Don't be shy. Comment below, email us, comment on YouTube, FB or IG. We will ALWAYS get back to you and get you moving in the right direction!

ILC will also provide highly useful, FREE training on our website and youtube channel, plus bonus support with the ILC community!


We believe that you can create passive income online to create the lifestyle of your dreams, never give up, never settle, be intentional, and always create! You're always one choice away from a completely new lifestyle!

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Thanks again for tuning in to today's episode!

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