Facebook changes the way it puts your post and marketing in front of your audience pretty frequently. This can be frustrating for marketers that have trouble adjusting to the changes. The good news is that there are some cool and easy tricks to help get your post in front of more people on Facebook. Understanding a few things about the way Facebook works however is extremely important. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-56-56-am

Its important to remember that Facebook is social media company. The best on the planet, and the best social experiment in the history of our existence. With that being said, its key for business owners in any niche or industry to remember that they have to be socially accepted on that platform. Social media marketing is completely different than the old ways of marketing on television or newspaper.

The old ways of marketing allowed companies to tell people what to buy, why they should buy it and customers would in turn go buy those products. Today things are completely different in the marketing world. Today's market knows what they want, they have done the research. Its our job as marketers and business owners to solve their problems and have good brand visibility in the prospects mind.

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7 Tips To Improve Social Media Engagement 

  1. Understanding the Facebook Algorithm – Facebook has a very intense formula that is used to determine who sees what and at what time. This formula was designed to enhance the viewer experience. There are 4 components on what makes up the formula Edge Rank, Affinity, Weight, & Time. Each component is broken down in the video below.
  2. Reciprocity – Comment, Like & Share on other peoples Facebook content. This will trigger the relationship component of the algorithm. Most people want comments, likes, & shares but rarely give them.
  3. Direct Connect -Private messages are a great way to get your content in front of more people in the Facebook news feed. I Recommend connect with a minimum 10 people per day and having a descent 10-15 message conversation.
  4. What's Going On Around Us – Post on something that is trending and creatively tie it to your business. Posting about Celebrities, News, Events, Hot Topics are all great things to get more people involved in you post! Type trending in your Facebook search bar and see whats going on today!
  5. Identify What Posts Work Best For You – There are different types of post. Pictures, Videos, Questions, Quotes, etc. Find which ones get the most engagement and look to do more of what works!
  6. Revive the Dead Post – Find some old post that got good engagement and comment again. Doing this will bring the post back to life and get it back into newsfeed rotation.
  7. Find The Best Times That Work For Your Audience

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