You can create an abundant mindset to make money!!!

“Success, opportunity, money… isn’t for us”.

“We aren’t lucky enough to be rich”.

Does that sound all too familiar?? I remember hearing this nonsense when I was growing up. Most of us learn at a young age that there isn’t enough money to go around. Well, I want you to know… THERE DEFINITELY IS! When you focus on what you don’t have, you are also pouring out that same energy. You then spend time trying to figure out what is missing and how to get more instead of having confidence that it will unfold at the right time, in exactly the way it needs to.

When building a business, money is a topic that can’t be ignored. In order to provide a valuable service to the world, you need to have these money conversations. Investing in yourself and/or your brand is often missed but CANT BE! The biggest asset in your business is YOU, and if you’re not willing to back yourself by investing in training, coaching, or events, what kind of money vibes are you throwing out there?? Your time and your thoughts are valuable and by not investing in yourself, you are compromising the authenticity and reliability of your brand. If people can’t relate to you, what makes you think they’re going to pay you?

New business owners have a tendency to get stuck in a lack mindset. When the shine of possibilities start to wear off, the reality of how much work its really gonna take to succeed sets in. That's when the sense of desperation starts to roll in. You start to get caught up in seeds of doubt about your ability to make you business work. THAT'S NOT GOOD!


Don't get me wrong! It doesn't happen without HUSTLE! But tapping into abundance isn't about thinking up the solution to the problem. It is recognizing that acquisition is not the aim of the game. YOU ALREADY HAVE ALL THE NECESSARY TOOLS TO BUILD THE LIFE AND BUSINESS YOU WANT! You just have to shift your gaze and choose to look at what already brings you abundance. You must practice and live in GRATITUDE from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep. Prosperity only comes as a result of making gratitude and abundance your default position. It is a process of reverse engineering, of defining where you want to be and what you want that to look and feel like.

Try these couple exercises:

  1. Spend a day thinking about all the bills that you have and all the things you want to buy but cant afford at the moment. At the end of the day, journal about how you're feeling. The next day, wake up and focus on the money that is flowing into your life. Notice the dollar you found at the bottom of your purse. Celebrate the free coffee someone gives you. That is all money in your pocket. Now write about that experience. Any difference????
  2. Think about exactly what it is that you want and where you want to be. Now write down (in detail) what that would look like, feel like, and what kind of person you have to become in order to have it.

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