If I just had more time in the day I know I could build a profitable and sustainable business, and really reach all my goals as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, the previous statement is one we hear all to often in the world of entrepreneurship . time-management-banner The fact of the matter is that we all are given 24 hours in each day to work with in order to accomplish whatever wants and desires we deem fitting for OUR specific 24 hours. We all get the same 24 what we do with that 24 is a clear definition of our outcomes, our business results, and the quality of our life. In today's blog I will be giving you some tips on how to understand time management, affectively manage your own time better, and….

1. Track Your Time Using a Time Management Sheet. Divide Your Day into 3 sections of 8hrs or my personal favorite. Divide your day into 96 sections of 15 minute increments.
2. Set up a personal reward system for yourself that rewards for productivity and performing the desired number of money making activities
3.Find an accountability Partner. Let them know at the beginning of the week what YOU expect of yourself and ask them to randomly check in on you.

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