Most businesses don't reach their goals because their goals are based off of a “winging it” mentality. You wouldn't build a house with out a blueprint to follow. The same should be the case for you finances and how your business generates cashflow. As with many things one wishes to be successful at. There is a proven formula to financial success in entrepreneurship. Picture a table top if you will. That table top is useless with out legs. Most tables have a MINIMUM of 4 legs. Furthermore, that table top is useless if one of the 4 legs collapses. The video below will show you how to design the perfect financial blueprint that can net your business well over $10k/mo. screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-12-18-55-am

1. Consistent Traffic For Retail Sales 

Retail sales are the life blood of any business. This should be your number one goal when analyzing how your business looks at cash flow. The ability to retail a product(s) is vital to the businesses front line to stay above water during its first few years on inception. The consistent process of retailing your products will allow time for step #2, residual income to actually take form.

2. Residual Monthly Income

This is the part where people really start to see the power of owning a good business with a powerful system. Residual income means you've made one sale that will continue to pay you over and over again. Many times this income will pay you either monthly or bi weekly. I have always said to my clients, “Once you really discover the power of residual income, you'll run through a brick wall to achieve it”. A few ways to create residual incomes are through affiliate coaching programs. CLICK HERE to see one of my favorite sources of residual income platforms.

3. High Ticket Income Streams

This is by far one of my favorite pieces to the cash flow curriculum. High ticket sales. Imagine your monthly expenses being $3k each month. What if in one sale you made $4k? How would that feel? I will take the liberty and answer for you! It would feel amazing. In one day you've covered all your expenses and everything else is icing on the cake. You may be asking, “That is going to take a lot of effort for one sale”. My friend I said the same until I discovered first hand that a $5k-$10k sale takes the same amount of effort (sometimes less) than a $50-$100 sale. CLICK HERE to see a great high ticket platform that helps us increase cash flow!

4. Automated Sales Systems/ Satellite Centers 

Its a great feeling to wake up to sales that were made on autopilot. as I write this, 2 auto pilot purchases were made from advertisements that I have running. 2 sales may not seem like a big deal. However, its 1am and I did next to nothing to make the sales. Effortless income. Facebook advertising is a great way to create traffic that can lead automated sales in your business. CLICK HERE FOR FREE FB AD TRAINING

5. Referral/Affilate Sales 

Having other people that love your products/services, sell your products and services is a great way to increase your cash flow. Many entrepreneurs, myself included would gladly give up 30-50% in affiliate commissions for the simple fact that other people are selling for me. It is a great benefit to be able to have your message in front of another person's list. To be in front of people that other wise would never know you or your company exist.

6. Income From Outside Source / Investments

This part of the blueprint is completely separate from the other sources of income. The first 5 usually have something to do with each other. Many times feeding one another. However, this source is an “Off Site” income stream. Something that your list has no clue about. Certain investments such as the stock market, real estate are good sources. In addition brick and mortar businesses, shopify or E-commerce stores are other great for this section of the blueprint. CLICK HERE FOR FREE E-COMMERCE Training

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