Here we are almost approaching May. New Years has come and gone. And if you're anything like me- so have your resolutions. IT'S OKAY!! If you ask me, January 1st is the WORST day to start new goals. We are getting through the hectic schedule from the holidays. It's dark, cold and we are tired! What I've come to realize is that spring is a much better time to get our stuff together. The sun is out! The energy is present. And we still have a good chunk of the year to GET THINGS DONE!

Now there are plenty of handy dandy spring cleaning tips out there, but the key to a successful spring clean is to clear out the clutter in your life first! We spend time cleaning our homes and work spaces, but how often do we clean out our minds?? THIS SEASON IS ALL ABOUT NEW BEGINNINGS! So let’s start by making sure we are setting ourselves up for success! Let’s get rid of the dead weight in our life!


⇒Take little steps to get organized

⇒Reevaluate your relationships

⇒Embrace positive and supportive people

⇒Cut ties with toxic people and/or situations

⇒Cherish the quiet

⇒Love yourself!



What old thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your life do you need to let go? Sometimes you don’t even realize when you’ve become your own worst enemy by allowing so much negativity in your head and in your life. It’s time to spring clean your life! So ask yourself “What am I still holding onto that I need to let go?” And let’s get started!!!


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