Too many new entrepreneurs in business look at the telephone as an burden or weight–that's how they feel about lifting it when they discover they have to make outgoing calls to potential clients. For some, you'd think the phone was covered with roaches or that it might cut their hand open if they touch it. Most phone fears stem from the fear of rejection. To be honest, not too many people are brave enough to willingly put themselves in a position to be rejected.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-5-07-37-pmHowever, those who find the courage to look past their fears of rejection, will find all sorts rewards (long-term) for the temporary pain they'll encounter. To many, the thought of connecting with your prospects and customers via phone giving you anxiety right now as we speak about it? The phone is one of the best ways to communicate your message and why so many companies continue to use the tool to increase sales and connect their business to consumers. Today's video will provide you with insights and clarity on how to have the perfect sales call for any niche.

Rejection is Best Served Cold

Most people let the nervousness of the word “no” or the fear of rejection cloud their judgment. This results in mis educated prospects. Many times as the “sales person” we look at ourselves as the victim. I want you to take a different look with me. If  you truly believe that your product or service is superior to others. You also believe that your product or service will greatly impact the life of your prospect then delivering a good sales call is pertinent. If you do not deliver good information, your prospect will miss out on the product/service creating any impact on their life.

You may be saying; “Ryan thats easier said than done”. I want you to understand that sales calls are not about you at all. Creating a giving energy before you pick of the phone will greatly impact the direction of your phone call. The phone call is 100% consumer focused. Our mission is to educate and paint a picture that our product/service will solve the clearly identified problem that our consumer has expressed.

Pre Call Preparation

  1. Smile Before Pressing Send – This is a little trick I learned playing baseball. However, this is a great way to start the sales call process. Now your brain is feeling good instead of nervous.
  2. Think of a story that solved a problem. – The next step in the pre call sales call process is a crucial one as well. Having stories ready to share with people will create an emotional connection for someone to take a closer look at the information you have. Your ability to tell that story to capture the attention of your prospect should be the thing you concentrate on improving daily.
  3. Closing is NOT the objective – Many people believe closing is the objective when they are engaged in a phone convresation with a prospect. That is far from accurate. The objective is to set an appoitment or engagement that will lead to the prospect having all the information to make an educated decision. Be sure to always set the next engagement until the prospect can see the value in the product/service to close themselves on the necessity of the purchase.


How To Have The Perfect Sales Call Video Recap

  1. Get the attention of your prospects – Develop a professional greeting that is clear and states who you are and what you do. Express gratitude throughout your call and make your prospects feel important. State the purpose of your call early so your prospect knows the reason and isn't confused.
  2. Uniquely Get Your Prospects Involved In Your Vision – Creating a vision for yourself is key. To take it a step further. Create a vision for yourself that focuses on the well being of other people is bliss!
  3. Understand & Agreement – “I completely understand”. & “I completely agree”. Use these two phrases often during your phone call to ensure that your prospect knows your listening and that you agree with her. Everyone loves to be in agreement.
  4. Move Your Prospects To Take The Next Action/Engagement – The Goal is to always educate and move your prospect to the next engagement. Not every person is ready to buy from you after the first, second, or even seventh phone call. Moving the conversation to the next engagement will always keep you in a solid follow up cycle. This is also keep your pipeline full. Which is a problem for most entrepreneurs.

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