One of the toughest thing for network marketers is getting your prospects “off the fence”. Have you ever wondered what to do when someone really wants to sign up, but can't right now, and can't really confirm a time? That can be frustrating right? Well I will help you solve this problem in the is blog post!

Getting people off the fence isn't about “pushing” people off the fence…its about “pulling” people off the fence. Helping them off the fence will do more for them and you in the long run, then pressuring someone to make a decision.images-3

So how do you do this, is there magic in the ability to get people off the fence? The answer lies in one word ENERGY. The ability to manage your energy is one of the most powerful skills you can learn in your network marketing career. When I learn to manage my energy well I was able to enroll 70+ people with ease into my company. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW

I like to ask the question, “Ok, so you want to sign up. How soon are you looking to sign up” If I get push back from my prospect, I want to pull back, I don't want to push harder, that never works. But unfortunately that is the case with most network marketers! Most network marketers, get nervous, anxious, and needy. Then the pushiness starts to come out. The best become “pully” and you become “pully” by asking good questions!

Ask WHY they are ready to join, or WHY this is the right time for them to join…This will get them talking, and spilling the beans on EXACTLY why they need to start now. Once they have listed the reasons they NEED to join, all I say is “wow, Sounds to me you ARE ready to join” or “Wow, it sounds like the only way for you to get _______, is joining our team and getting started with us today, is that right Mr. Prospect?”

Manage your energy and ask better questions. Become Pully and NOT pushy and watch the interactions with your prospects improve. Also, last but certainly NOT least. Do NOT be addicted to the outcome. It doesn't matter if they join. It just matters that you get them to a decision. Yes or No, If no, ask if you can keep them in the loop and ask for a referral.

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