We have all heard the term, “The rich get richer & the poor stay poor”. Some of us have adopted this and accepted this to be the truth. Some of us have decided that if this statement is true to make sure you fall into the “rich” category and keep getting richer. What if there was a formula to why the rich get richer and the poor stay poor? What if you could follow this formula and learn exactly what the rich get richer and the poor stay poor! Check out this video as I break it down completely. screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-10-32-45-am

Adapt To New Innovations Faster

Who adopts innovations? The individuals that most need tech innovations are generally the last to adopt them. The theory is that only the wealthy can take the risk to adopt innovations. In periods of rapid technological innovations the gap from the rich and poor widens. How quickly do you adopt new ways of thinking and new innovations?

Double Down and Go 10x 

As I train entrepreneurs all over the world I find that many will get a tiny result in their business and get frustrated that they are NOT where they want to be. Part of growth as an entrepreneur is taking the time to look at and track what actually works inside of your model. Once you have enough data to conclude if something is working, DOUBLE DOWN or 10x what works. Take what is working for you and make that 90% of your action. Be obsessed with what works and get into action.

Crush Everything That Does Not Work 

Most people are not in enough action to determine if a particular action does not work. Many entrepreneurs will assume that something doesn't work with out taking the proper steps. Gather your data, take action, and determine if something does NOT work. Once you have come to that conclusion. CRUSH WHAT DOES NOT WORK. Never do that action again. Run as far away from it as possible!

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