When the man who has made over 1 million dollars in a single weekend takes the stage you tend to stop what you're doing and listen. Take the best notes you can and be sure to actually APPLY what you learn when you get the chance. We had the opportunity to see one of our favorite mentors again in person and each time is a treat! This time he went over some really awesome online marketing techniques to help entrepreneurs build online, especially blogging.

I first met Ray back in 2014 after struggling like crazy to build my business. I knew there had to be a better way to get leads, exposure, and eyes on my business. I was introduced to an online tools/training platform. CLICK HERE to check it out. This little tool changed my life forever. We have had the pleasure of being personally coached by Ray and his coaching team and have seen phenomenal results from working with him! In the video below we will cover our biggest take aways from his speech and how to apply them in your business fast!

Ray Higdon Takeaways from #R2F

  1. You can not do anything about results. The only thing you can controlled is your habits.
  2. Never have a “no” production day, but its ok to have a “low” production day
  3. When building your business, online and offline, think like a media company!


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