Old marketing is just that…OLD…The way we do many things in our lives today is just OLD! Getting around has definitely gotten easier, in order to reach the other side of the country we hop on a plane instead of taking a horse and buggy. I think it's safe to say times have changed. The way we travel. The way we eat, the way we speak, the way we communicate, our entire way of life has changed. Fortunately many of us don't have a problem adapting to these new ways of life. However sometimes things can slip through the cracks and some of us get left behind. Unfortunately, that happens way too much in the business world. Especially in network marketing. The way network marketing is built today is much different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Now many of the same principles still hold strong today, however the next generation of millionaires and people impacting the network marketing industry, Are a hybrid master of off-line and online marketing skills. Someone that understands the principles that were founded thousands of years ago when it comes to basic human nature, IMG_5381And building a network marketing business, as well as the integration of social media, the Internet, and just the new way that we live our lives in the 21st-century. In today's blog post I will share with you just how you can take the skills that created millionaires decades ago and combined them with the skills of the top Internet and social media marketers and today's industry. I will be covering the specific skills you need from the old-school way of doing things and the specific skills you need from the new school way of doing things, so you can to become that top level hybrid marketer.







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