Network Marketing Tips:

Easily discover how to magically increase network marketing retention inside your network marketing organization using these simple techniques whether you have a large team or no team! Network marketing retention is a touchy topic for distributors and reps in the industry. I myself have suffered the agonizing pain of losing my entire team in an instant. I had hundreds of customers and reps suddenly gone before I could even seemingly have a chance to cover the holes in my business.screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-10-54-32-pm

There are some creative ways you can increase the retention of customers and reps inside of your network marketing business. One of the biggest tips for customer and team retention is the simple practice of building a solid relationship. One of my favorite quotes says: “We must build a friendship, before we build a diamondship”. From that moment on I was focused on building unshakable relationships with everyone that I resonated with.

The next thing you must do is meet people where they are.” Meaning if someone does NOT want to build the same size business you wish to build. Do not attempt to push your dreams onto someone else. Simply share your goals and dreams with that person, along with your excitement, and calmly get to an understanding of where their goals fit into your mission as an organization.

Now, no business is a business with all sales people. Customers make the world go round, and are the life blood of any business. Your job is to create as many happy customers as you can. Once thats done, find unique ways to create an emotional attachment to the particular products your customers choose to purchase from you. For more instruction on how to gain more customers and create that emotional attachment to your products: CLICK HERE for additional training.

The video below will take you through the exact process I used in my network marketing business to increase the retention of customers and reps inside.

Recap: Tips To Increase Network Marketing Retention

  1. Be ok with people leaving your business. Some attrition is GOOD attrition.
  2. Set up your team for a chance to get paid FAST. Always remember, people will do more to avoid loss then to gain pleasure.
  3. Sponsor In 3's. (Find your runner; Identify your customer; Get the list from the person who will quit)
  4. Get The List From Your Contacts
  5. Work deep inside a list of contacts not wide.

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