Have you ever notice when you enter a new grade, and summer vacation is over, you show back up to school and the first week or two all you discuss is “the basics”. It can be frustrating for some kids, but a God send for others. The basics are so important! With out learning the basics moving forward is seemingly impossible. How about when you get a new job, even if you have been in the same field or industry FOREVER the first thing they have you do is go through training to cover what? You guessed it! “The Basics” The Fundamentals! When athletes show up for spring training, whats the first thing they cover? Exactly! The Fundamentals! IMG_5056The same goes for you business, especially if you’re in network marketing or online marketing the fundamentals are key for your success. Better yet, mastering the fundamentals is the key to your success. In todays blog post there is no video.

However, I will be providing you with some easy tips to help you master the fundamentals of this trade so you can start getting the results you see so many others around you achieving.

Network/Online Marketing Rules of the Game:

1. Prospects have to Know, Like, and Trust you BEFORE they are ever introduced to any marketing tool for you business. Offer something free of value to earn this quality from your prospects.
2. Your main goal is NOT to enroll every person you talk to. The main objective is SET THE APPOINTMENT.
3. Never share anything, UNTIL you can share EVERYTHING
4. Pros enroll for new LISTS and new markets, Amateurs enroll people for a commission
5. If you don’t have a strategy YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE

When I started doing these 5 things my business changed forever. My income tripled and I have never looked back. You might be asking yourself what should be strategy be. in this easy to follow step by step training I will be showing you the same six figure strategy that was shared with me from multiple seven figure earners from the networking and online business worlds. CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS.

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