How would it feel to have one of your marketing messages go viral? Thousands or even tens of thousands of people sharing your message. Thousands of people engaging with your message. What would going viral do for your business? Would your sales sky rocket? There are NOT many limits to the power of internet if and when your messages go viral. You may be saying; how easy is it to make something go viral? screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-19-15-am

Internet sensation in the entrepreneur world Tai Lopez has figuratively taken over every major social media platform. If you have shown any interest in entrepreneurship, good luck spending any time on social media with out seeing the face of Tai Lopez. One cool thing to add. You won't be on social media without HEARING the unique Tai Lopez story. CLICK HERE to join the 30 Day Social Media Bootcamp

Like many other viral internet marketers and entertainers sharing their unique and intriguing story is a key factor in going viral. In the network marketing world its hard to not know the story of Ray Higdon. In Florida 2009 successful real estate agent found himself in forclosure multiple times with his girlfriend at the time paying his light bill. Had failed in over 12 network marketing companies before going on to become the number 1 income earner in one of his previous ventures. Ray is now an 8 figure earner in the network marketing, online marketing, and coaching niches. You may say, “Thats easy for him to say”  But there's a viral formula as well. With this formula you can now measure the impact your message has on your marketing audience.

3 Steps: How To Make Your Social Media Viral 

1. Determine your viral marketing strategy – The first step in any marketing strategy is deciding where and how you want to grow your audience. YouTube is a fantastic choice. Simply because it allows for long form content. Meaning your audience is geared up to watch a longer more in depth message in comparison to other social media platforms. I personally don’t rate my YouTube performance based on views — minutes watched is a more valuable metric. I love YouTube because it allows you to create deep brand engagement between the audience and the marketer.

The formula for measuring whether or not a message has the potential to go viral is simple. -VRIN. VRIN stands for value, rare, inimitable and non-substitutable. Value meaning the post is truly something that people care about — a high value, high quality post that is relatable and adds value. Rarity meaning your post includes things most people don’t often see or experience. Your post must be unique to you and your audience. Inimitable meaning how hard is it for a competitor to replicate your message. And non-substitutable meaning there is no other place to access the information your post delivers. You can be hilarious, in your face, flashy or non abrasive, but if the VRIN score is low, your message will more than likely never go viral.

2. Have a unique and compelling brand story. Average out the VRIN score of each of your social media posts and be authentic — you don't need to  change your whole life for a social media post. All too often we see people not being themselves on social media looking to go viral. The people that go viral are the ones with the most compelling story and brand. They also subsequently use the VRIN formula extremely well. You don't need to completely change your story, just tweak it and make sure it reaches the wants and desires of YOUR AUDIENCE with value based content being key. Effectively communicate this story to everyone you encounter. To learn more about communication strategies CLICK HERE

3. Be consistently VISIBLE is the last step. How many people see your face and hear your story day in and day out? It doesn't matter how good the product, service, or brand is if no one knows it exist. Visibility will always trump ability. It is seen time and time again less talented artist, businesses, products win. This is because they are consistent and visible to the most amount of people.

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