Do you always feel like you're hearing “No” from your prospects? No is a word that most people don't like to hear, so what if there was a way to get more people to say “yes” to what you want them to do.

Its a scientific fact that when a person is saying “No” It is putting their mind in a state to continue to say “no” later on in the conversation. So how can you get your prospects, your kids, your spouse to say “yes” more? You have to get them on the “Yes Train” IMG_2772

A skill that I learned in my first sales job, from one of the best to ever perform in the profession was getting people on the “Yes” train. So what does this mean? When people are saying “yes” one yes, typically leads to another, and another, so when you really ask the question that is going to bring them into your company…That “yes” is a no brainer!

So How does one do that? How do you really guide people into saying yes to your opportunity or product. We all know that not everyone is going to say yes, but what if you heard “Yes” 1-2 more times this month? Would that change your business. If so then listen closely.

You have to ask the RIGHT questions. Yes, thats the solution! Most of the time we are taught to ask questions that are open ended, to get the prospect talking more about the details, problems and frustrations. This step is crucial for sure. But when transitioning into the close its important we get the prospect to board the “yes train”.

Ask your next question in a way that makes the prospect say “Yes” For example: “You see an opportunity for yourself to lose 5lbs in 7 days, right Gary? Gary is now more obligated to say “yes” Your response should be positive. I want to do this another time…For example: “It seems like you've tried everything to lose weight Gary, accept this…am I right?

This will put your prospect in a position that makes them feel the ONLY way to get their desired outcome is with you, your product or service! Check out this webinar on closing strategies if you want more info on this topic. – CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS

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