As an online entrepreneur marketing to a list of email subscribers can be one of the most profitable activities performed. Many business owners today have too much trust in their social media campaigns. Social media marketing is great and highly affective. However, none of us own the social media platforms we market on. If Facebook shuts down today we won't be able to do one thing about it. If your main source of traffic is via social media.

Goals For Email Marketing 

  1. Get Your Subscribers To Open
  2. Tell Your Story Or The Success Story of Someone Else
  3. Encourage Openers To Visit Your Site
  4. Provide Value/ Serve
  5. Sell To Your List


Top 10 Email Marketing Tips 

  1. Be Yourself – Many times when we a start marketing via email we try to be someone else. We look to be like the person(s) that we receive emails from. Its ok. I did it too. I would get on a list from someone that I admired and trusted and try to write my emails like them. As its good to take the good they do in their emails. Its also good to be yourself. Thats what will win in the long run.
  2. Find Your Writing Style – Its important to find the writing style that works for you and gets the best response from your readers. You may be good at short funny emails. On the other hand you may like writing long, serious, value packed emails. Find what works for you and your followers.
  3. Reward People For Reading – People love to be rewarded and absolutely go crazy for recognition. Look for ways you can reward your loyal tribe for opening and engaging!
  4. Match Content With Subscribers – I really like Facebook as a marketing platform. A good friend of mine feels the same way about Twitter. I write more on Facebook and he writes more about twitter. If I were to write on twitter my audience may not respond as well as they do towards the Facebook content. Find out what you like to write about and match it to what your audience wants to hear!
  5. Tailor To Non Clickers (Headlines) – Besides the content, the headline of your email is the most important section. Its the thing people see first. As well its the thing they will see regardless if they open your email or not. Your headline has the most important job. Make sure you tailor your emails to create authority even when the emails are not opened.
  6. Solve A Problem In The Headline – You've been building an audience now its time to serve. Make sure your headlines and emails solve a problem. Most people don't know the exact problem they are having so you have to be clear on how you can best help them solve the problem they may not know exist!
  7. Think Like Your Subscribers – Empathy is one of the most prolific tools for any business owner. Your ability to feel and think like your followers allows you to be right in the trenches with them. They will feel as if you know exactly what they are going through and how they can move past it! The job of a good detective is to think like a criminal. Get ready to investigate!
  8. Share Results and Create Curiosity – Share stories of results from you and others that you're close with. Facts tell stories Sell! Make a good promise to your list that they can not resist! The best capture page is to create enormous curiosity.
  9. Use Numbers and Statistics – People love seeing numbers and stats! 104 sales in a week! 47% of americans don't have $400 in a savings account. Find facts that are jaw dropping to get the attention of your subscribers. Hook them with numbers and solve their problems.
  10. Send Test Emails First – Create a couple dummy gmail accounts and use these as test accounts for your emails before sending to your entire list. This will allow you to see where your email will go. Will it go to spam? or directly to the inbox. If it goes to spam, changing the headline or certain words in the email like “free” to “f.ree”


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