The perfect week has already happened, you just don't know it yet. I have already hit all my goals for this week! I saw it in my head tonight. (Sunday Night). Each Sunday I take about 45 minutes and plan out my entire week in full detail. I choose what trainings I will attend or watch. I choose the topics of each blog post or video. I choose the list of prospects I will connect with. In todays post I reveal some secrets that can usually only be found in my courses or private coaching! Enjoy! screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-12-24-14-pm

1. Decide The Goal Exactly

On whiteboard or paper exactly what amount of money you would like to make in EXTRA income. I will never forget the first time I really did this with intent. I made a money goal section on my whiteboard first. I decided I wanted to make an extra $1k. Then my mind started doing MATH. I started thinking of all the different ways I could make an extra $1k this week. I started pulling all my resources. How can I do this? Who do I need to connect with? Where Do I need to be? Think deeply about how you can hit this goal!

2. Re-evaluate your daily routine

Look at your daily routine each week and look for places to improve. So many entrepreneurs struggling with their daily routine because they never truly set a daily routine. The first key here is to understand that when you set a daily routine it is NOT set in stone. Look to improve it weekly until you find something that suits your schedule in regard to the amount of income and goals you have set!

Sneak Peak at my routine

  1. 7am wake up and stretch
  2. 7:30am read and meditate
  3. 8:30am Take the kids to school
  4. 9am Gym
  5. 10am Finish my blog and send out emails to my list
  6. 11am Listen to my daily morning call CHECK IT OUT
  7. 11:15 Marketing Training and Set Call Schedule
  9. 1pm Eat Lunch Chat with prospects
  10. 2pm DONE (Rest of the day is reserved for 1 on 1 coaching clients)


3. Take a look at what you did not accomplish LAST week 

Tracking is a very vital activity if you're looking to grow in any business. Most employees do not like when their employer continuously keeps track of their calls, whereabouts, etc but its pertinent to the business to know where their assets are and where improvements can be made. For many new entrepreneurs this can be difficult at first! Still operating on the employee mindset, tracking is the last thing many want to do. But if it is not tracked it does not exist. Get over any inhibitions around tracking data inside of your organization

4. Set Action Goals

Setting goals is important. It is the reason why I reach my goals each week is because I actually take the time to set them. However, one way I set my goals is a little different than most. I share with my 1 on 1 coaching clients to set there goals based off actions! If this is the first time doing this exercise you'll need to set a good bar for these actions. If this is not your first time then set these goals based on the previous week!

We operate from the principle of just one more! The parameters of this exercise is based on the money making activities that help me increase my income. For instance, making phone calls, attending or performing lunches, attending or performing webinars, attending events, writing blog posts, doing live marketing broadcast. You should be getting the picture by now. But here is a clear example of what is done on Sunday nights.

  1. Look at the previous week. Take the incomplete tasks and move them to this week as first priority.

    1. Phone Calls Made Goal: 50
    2. Webinars Attended: 5
    3. Blog Post Written: 5
    4. Youtube videos Optimized: 5
    5. Webinars Performed: 2
    6. Team Members Connected w/: 20
    7. Daily Website Views Avg: 150
    8. New Email Subscribers: 50
  2. Decide the actions that will best suit you to grow your business for the week!

5. Set The Intention

This part is all inside of you. Its about going into your time machine and going to NEXT SUNDAY. Looking back on the previous week as if you hit every one of the main goals. You went over your income goal. You crushed the action goals and now you're setting more action goals with even greater numbers! This part is all about locking into your POSITIVE emotions. Most people are focused on their negative emotions and what they did not get done. This creates a feeling of lack, and unworthiness. Two things that are not conducive to success!

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