As an entrepreneur, at a networking meeting last week I was asked the one thing that has made the biggest difference for me over the years as a business owner. My answer was simple and quick. The mentors and coaches that I have had the pleasure of working with have made the BIGGEST Difference! Some I have hired, some I have had the fortune of getting help with no cost at all financially. All have had a tremendous impact on the success of my business.COACH:MENTOR

For example, Tiger Woods was the absolute best in the world of golf for years. Arnold Palmer was one of Woods' mentors during his career. This is perfect example of someone having a mentor. But whats the difference between a mentor and a coach. Using the same example, Tiger Woods also had an excellent swing coach. Now the swing coach isn't necessarily better than Tiger Woods at golf, or he would be qualified for the PGA Tours along side his students right? The coach has a huge impact on the way the athlete performs, but doesn't have to have the talent of that particular athlete, or even business owner. The video below will clearly define the major differences between a MENTOR and a Coach!

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