Have you ever felt like you had the BEST idea in the world and then you can't remember exactly what it was…And now you're scrapping to come up with the “BEST” idea in the world for a second time! How crazy is that. You have to come up with the greatest idea ever, not just ONCE but TWICE!!!Ideas = MoneyDon't Let Them Expire




The fact is that your ideas have a shelf life! If you don't use em! You Lose em!!…

So how can you make sure that you don't miss out on the million dollar ideas that your brain keeps throwing out at you…Watch the video below and it will explain how you can start cashing in on all your ideas and past notes!

Going forward make sure you don't let ANY idea go to waste. It just might be the ONE idea to catapult you to another idea even better that creates that break through month that leads to that break through YEAR!!

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