Have you been feeling clueless on how to create the personal brand for your business? You hear it all the time right? You should be building a personal brand for your business. Your brand is the most important thing to focus on when it comes to marketing. You hear everything about WHAT you should be doing with branding, but no one really says HOW or WHY! In todays video I will go over my top 7 branding mistakes that I see from my clients and the public! screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-11-14-40-am

Before I get into the biggest mistakes I see, lets get a couple of things clear. The first is that personal branding is NOT for everyone. Even though I always say “Everything you do is branding, Its either good branding or bad branding, but you're always branding” But one should focus on branding when the results they desire get to a place that a personal brand will assist in helping them get to that result with less effort. Secondly, you don't HAVE to brand yourself in order to make a ton of money in your niche, however, it sure does help a lot!

7 Branding Errors and Mistakes

  1. Branding is Just A Logo
  2. Branding is a Low Priority Activity
  3. The Branding Always Comes First
  4. Failing to Research The Competition
  5. Branding Is A One Time Deal
  6. Congruent Brand Messages
  7. Failing to Research The Ideal Target Market


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