One of the biggest questions I get is how do I motivate my team, how do I motivate my network marketing team?

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This question will surely never stop being asked but I look to shed some light on this question in an effort to give you some insight on how you can start to get the production you are looking for from your groups.

Leaders in network marketing tend to lose sight of where they once were when they FIRST started their journey, or the feelings and emotions at different stages of their journey.

If you're making $8k/mo in your business, thats great! However, it can be easy to forget how it felt to only be making $20/mo. The ability to bring yourself back to that feeling and be able to relate to everyone on your team at the different levels and positions will result in better cooperation. Make sure that you know exactly what your team members want and lead and pace them at their own pace.

Your job is to INSPIRE. not to motivate, or dictate. Inspire your team by doing the things that you want them to do, but 3x the effort. You want your team to go to events, Go to 3. You want your team to make 3 contacts daily. You make 15! See where I am going with this.

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