One of my students once told me she hated scripts, that she couldn't learn them, and “They DID NOT WORK.” I asked her a of couple questions and she began to realize that our entire life is a script: a learned set of phrases we have adapted to many particular situations. The only difference is we have actually learned them. And then, further realized once we have actually learned a “script,” we no longer consider what we know a “script.”

So, listen up! There is nothing wrong with scripts as long as you don't lose your self. Where many go wrong is it feels like your reading something, with no soul, no life, no feeling. Of course no wants a lifeless interaction. The best course of action is to take the below scripts, add your unique personality to them, and then practice! Next, watch what happens in your business. But first, keep in mind these three tips. 

1. Always give a sincere complement. Always. Tell the person something you admire about them, remind them of why you're friends (warm market). When the truth is told, most people rarely hear compliments. They spend much of their time at work and home. The top two places people have the greatest need for recognition, are the two where it is seldom received.

2. Diminish the business opportunity, it is highly unlikely your warm market will be open to a side business (not saying they won't be), but after all, you approached them. This is why I recommend diminishing the actual business opportunity. Ask them if they are open to using the product for a month. Have the focus solely be on how your product can MAKE THEIR LIFE EASIER.

3. Getting ‘EYES' on the presentation is the MOST important key in any business. People need to SEE it, and you need to let the TOOLS work for you. So, no matter the case, it does NOT matter how it happens. Getting people to WATCH the tools you have provided will make the BIGGEST difference!


Mike, I really appreciate you taking my phone call at this time, I know your time is valuable, The reason for my call is because I started a new side business/project, and I am a new to the industry, I really admire your knowledge and expertise. I am going all in with this thing and taking it to the top! But before I do, I was curious if you would mind taking a look at this quick video for your professional opinion? Would you mind doing that Mike?

Lisa, how are you? I saw your new _____ _____ ______. I thought you did a really good job with ___ ____ ____. The reason I'm calling is I actually started a new business and I am really excited because I'm taking this thing to the absolute TOP! The business isn't for you, Lisa, you're probably not qualified to participate at this time. However, this product is absolutely amazing. Just curious, would you be open to taking a look at this product to see if it would make your life easier? If not that's ok, I just wanted you to be among the first I called.

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