Most people that make the decision to take their business seriously get to a place where they would rather have the results sooner than later. I was definitely one of those people. There was a moment in my business when I realized “There has to be a better way to do this.” When that happens most of us are faced with two choices to make. Either find someone that has done what we are looking to do, and have them show us what to do. But who wants to hire a coach right? “My sponsor can help”….Lets face it, if your sponsor hasn't helped you at this point you may need to go another direction. The other option is the “Do it yourself” option! This the option I chose first! WRONG!! I quickly realized if I could do it myself I would've done it already! I love the analogy of cutting your grass! You can cut your grass with a pair of scissors (Do it yourself), or even better, why not hire someone that is an absolute professional at cutting grass! (Get a coach in your network marketing business) Now you may be saying something like, “I don't have the money to hire someone to cut my grass” Thats ok! Get a lawn mower! The point my friend is that either way you choose to cut your grass, you'll get it cut. Some ways are just better than others right? Today I will show 7 reasons you need a coach for your networking business. Also so great suggestions for helping you choose the RIGHT coach for you and your goals.

Talk To People Ready To Say Yes!

Wouldn't it be great to find the people that are ready to tell you “YES!” and either join your company or buy your product(s) from you! Thats a perfect world right? Now that may not be possible to get that to 100% but there are ways to increase that number! My suggestion talk to more people that are already in network marketing! Now you may be asking yourself a few things. First why would I want to talk to people already in a network marketing business? Aren't they already in a business? 97% of network marketers are struggling in their business (From a total of 10k different companies) and have realized leadership, community, training, are vital for success. they are more than likely are not getting those currently! You can be the one to help them get what they need. Second how can I get in front of more people in mlm companies? Where do I find them? Provide them valuable information that can help them get what they want. CLICK HERE FOR TRAINING.

7 Reasons To Have A Coach

  1. Accountability – Sometimes its hard to realize how important accountability is until we look around at all the inconsistent marketers in the industry. Thats one reason I created a consistency guide. To help our own team with their consistency. Its hard for someone that works a job 12 hours per day, having someone like their boss hold them accountable for EVERYTHING, and expect them to be consistent in a business. The two just don't add up. Now I am not suggesting you hire a coach to take the place of a boss. This coach in your network marketing business should hold you accountable in the creation of NEW HABITS. Chances are you will not be able to hold yourself accountable for things that will take you
  2. Saves Time/ Faster Results – We live in a microwave society now. People are looking for faster, better, smarter. If you are looking for directions to a specific location you ask a person that is from the area and has “been there” before. You don't waste time asking the person that doesn't know the area extremely well. This will save you time and get you to your location faster! I can say from experience, at the time of this post only spent a few years in the industry and having this amount of success. Having a coach in your network marketing business will save you time guaranteed.
  3. Saves Money – The only thing worse than wasting money is wasting money and not knowing you're wasting it! Unfortunately thats the case for most network marketers! Wasting money on outdated products, tools, courses, etc. Don't get me wrong those things a necessary. However, when you have a coach in your network marketing business that knows you and your business well, he/she can recommend the RIGHT products, courses, and tools to help you. This way you're not wasting your money on the wrong ones.
  4. Less Stress, Pain, & Frustration – Imagine climbing a huge mountain all alone with no guide. I would be pretty stressed out. Can you imagine the pain that would cause. Having a coach in your network marketing business will allow you to alleviate the stress of building your business feeling confused about your next step up the mountain side.
  5. New Ideas You Wouldn't Think of – Your brain is full of stuff already! The kids, your spouse, this business you are barely getting the hang of, and now you need new ideas to make sure you stand out in the crowd of millions of other marketers online. Some of my best ideas where not MY ideas. They came from the sharp minds of my mentors and coaches. I often say Michael Jordan was great, but he still needed phil jackson to call the game winning play at the end of the game!
  6. New Insights On Yourself – Its hard to call yourself out on your flaws and excuses. When is the last time you caught yourself making and excuse and actually corrected it. Having a coach will give you an honest look at you and where you need to be in order to become the person that runs the type of business you want.
  7. Stronger Belief & Self Confidence – Imagine just for a moment you believed you could hit every goal you ever set. Chances are you really don't think you can do it. You want to think you can but at the core the belief isn't there. Now take the person that knows she's going to hit the top ranks her company with out a doubt. That person is on the way to greatness! Having a personal coach to help you get to a place where belief is out of the roof will change your business forever


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