I remember just getting started in network marketing, I had no idea what I was doing! Like many marketers I started to do things “my way” with no real vision, or understanding of how the industry operates. So in an effort to save you, or any of your team members inevitable pain. Below are four land mines I wish I knew about when I started my home business career! Unknown-3

  1. Success Factors. I came out of sales and I was good at my job. So when I had the opportunity to get inside of network marketing I was actually clueless to the industry. I had no idea about it at all! I thought that my sales career would easily make me a millionaire inside of network marketing. I was quickly proven other wise. It made me think about so many millionaires in network marketing that barely graduated high school. I realized the more education, the more experience, etc. The more we think our previous success should propel us to immediate success inside of network marketing. Tip: You will struggle more with what you will have to unlearn, than what you'll have to learn, to be successful in network marketing

  2. Lack of Structure – Most of us come from an employee state of mind, even the best, most self sufficient employees, still have a boss, and still rely on the structure that is provided by the company or people they work FOR. Now we are in business for ourselves. It doesn't matter if we put 40 units of time in. We are paid for RESULTS. Not time. Treating your business like a business is essential. Clock in and out (hypothetically of course). Have a set schedule for your “working hours”. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail. I recommend keeping a daily log of activities. This is your “business pulse”. No pulse and your business is dead!

  3. 200% Commitment – Most brick and mortar businesses and franchises cost anywhere from 100k to 500k, sometimes more. This usually gets automatic commitment from the owner/investor because there is such an enormous amount of money at stake. In Network Marketing however, most investments are small. Few hundred dollars, and the TIME commitment is not much either! This leaves many home business owners with one foot out of the door! No one can rightfully expect huge results when there is no full commitment!

  4. Self Image – Becoming a network marketing professional can sometimes come with lots a scrutiny. Mostly from friends and family. It seems everyone wants the “lifestyle” but isn't willing to put in the work to get it done! Being able to get past how others see you. Hearing “No” is part of any business. Being able to safely get passed “no” and how others see your choice of being an entrepreneur is crucial for business success.

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