Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 11.33.01 AMIf you want a simple way to start to crush your online/network marketing business there a few things that you can make sure to do daily in order to find yourself with a business that you're extremely proud of. In todays Video I will discuss the 4 C's of online and network marketing that you should follow!

Compliment – People LOVE being around people that make them feel good. And If people like being around you it always will be the question, “What Do You Do”…That will provide you the opportunity to calmly let them know what it is you do and possibly a chance for a presentation. Remember, don't compliment to “Get” someone. Always be sincere

Commitment – If you opened a franchise that you paid $500k or more to open I guarantee you wouldn't “quit” in the first 90 Days of starting your business! NO way!! You would make it WORK. You would do whatever it takes! The awesome part about online or network marketing businesses is that you don't need that kind of money to start. $100 – $1000 is ALL sometimes! Many times with a much GREATER REWARD than franchising. With more time and financial freedom. So commit to your business. 2-5 years. Promise yourself that you will stay and make it work.

Consistency – People Join People. We have all heard that right? Well people LOVE to join consistent people! To me there is nothing worse then someone asking “are you still in that business?” and you respond “No, I quit”. That person feels like they dodged a BULLET. But the person the shows up day in and day out in their business, regardless of ALL circumstances! Thats the person that people LOVE to join. They LOVE to join consistent people!

Content – The MOST important element to having a successful online business is content. If you have content in various places online educating and informing people on how to improve their life or business. You will become sought after in a particular space. People will want your advice and consultation! This will make it extremely easy and simple to offer your mlm or the products as a SOLUTION to their problem.

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