How do I motivate my team to get moving? This is one of the questions we get the most from our students and our audience. The first thing we tell them is trying to motivate people is a complete waste of time. It will begin to tire you out and you will end up being the one burnt out. Unfortunately you will end up burnt out not only in your business. But even worse you'll end up burnt out on people in general which is NOT a good thing. First tip is to choose who you want to work with you. For example one of our students sent us a screen shot of a text from someone that was not quality or qualified to work with her. She was spending too much time worried about movtivatign someone that clearly could not be motivated at the time. Clearly define the characteristics of the people you WANT on your team and work on attracting those people.

Imagine having a team of people are just as motivated and driven as you to go crush it in their business. This can be done but you have to set good expectations first! Letting your team know building a large mlm business is not easy. Its very simple, but not easy. Also, let them know your job is to help them, not build the biz for them. So setting good expectations of them becoming independent of you is key. In todays video I will share with you a training we did with some leaders from our mlm team on how to motivate their groups!

Inspire Your Team To Greatness

  1. Lead from the front – Many times once we build a team, of any size we can easily get caught in “manager mode” which is NOT a good place to be. Its not good for us as leaders and its not good for our team. The last thing you want is to be someone else's boss, and thats the last thing your team wants to feel either. One of the best ways to inspire your team to move is to do everything you want them to do 5-10x. If you want them to recruit more, you must then go out and recruit yourself, prove to them it can be done using the same system, products, logo, company, etc. Leave no excuse.  Just prove it can be done and show them the way.
  2. No one Person Will Make Or Break You. This is important to understand. As your building a team being addicted to the outcome is a common mistake I see networkers make over and over. Its pretty obvious because I made this mistake for years. It can be very disabling for you in your career. This skill is one to keep close when prospecting. Whether someone joins, or declines, you must remain on an even emotional plain. The same goes for you as people grow inside your organization, some will stay in the same place, others (even leaders) will leave your group for “greener” pastures. Understand people will come and go, its part of business. You just be the best leader you can and don't let that emotion show either way. No ONE person will make or break your career. Accept YOU.
  3. Last and finally! You must develop the skill set of becoming a masterful vision creating. You must become skillful at being able to take someone that is seemingly blind to POSSIBILITY and open their eyes. Paint their vision for them. In order for you to pain this vision, THEY must provide you with the colors, and where to put the paint brush. Its your job to pull that vision out of them! Sometimes its hidden deep inside and they had no idea it was there. Once you have that vision out, keep it in front of them daily, weekly, monthly. Watch as this person will start to chase that vision. Chase that new dream. You'll notice you don't have to motivate them to do ANYTHING anymore!



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