I have come to see a trend with many in the network marketing industry about operating their business online and I have come to the conclusion that there are a ton of people lying to themselves about what they actually have in regards to their business. IMG_5463Some “network” marketers are claiming to have an “online” business and their are some major differences that you may not KNOW that are crucial to having an online business if that is indeed your goal! I will give you the 3 crucial things you need in order to have a successful ONLINE business.

So in order to have a truly successful and foundational online business you need these 3 things in order to make that happen!

  1. Build A strong Email List. CLICK HERE to learn how I built a strong, engaging email list of 1500 people in less than a year. CLICK HERE
  2. Searchable Content Online. People need to be able to find your content (Value) when searching google, and via social media platforms
  3. Online Brand Identity – Having an online brand that speaks to your audience can have them pre sold when they show up. CLICK HERE to learn how I build my online brands for my business and hundreds of clients. CLICK HERE


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