Most entrepreneurs often wonder how to increase sales over the holidays. The stress of wondering if people with continue to purchase monthly. Will you acquire new customers? Those are just a couple of the things that go into your thought process during the last three months of the year! Three years ago when I started my entrepreneur journey, I was curious. “Would my sales drop in this, just as they do at my job?” I was told by countless people that sales would take a tremendous downslide during the months of October through December.

As I look back the “Myth” of holiday sales taking a huge hit was something that I took from my experience in corporate america. I just happen  bring that same thought process into my career as an entrepreneur. It was this “belief” that my sales and production would slip due to the time of year it was. I had conditioned myself to believe that my sales would fall.

Ironically, guess what happened. You guessed it. My sales would fall each year. I am here today to tell you that your sales do NOT have to slide during the holiday season. You can actually do exactly what I do year after year. Increase sales in late months. Continue to have record breaking months of October, November, and December and create massive momentum going into the new year! Increase Sales During Holidays

The video below will explain three easy ways to help you increase your sales over the holiday season. I will  (debunk the myth) of holiday slumps. Present a unique way to increase your retail customers. Demonstrate how to sell holiday packages to the right customers that are actually looking for your products and service. In addition, give you an over all strategy to make more money.



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