FB live, to date, is the hottest tool on social media. Literally revolutionizing how we use social media, its putting periscope and other live video streams to pasture. Still many entrepreneurs and biz owners are not using this amazing tool daily to grow relationships and build an audience. After a quick survey of 100 people, 70 entrepreneurs said they were NOT using fb live daily to grow their business. So why aren't we using this amazing tool to grow our businesses? What if you could be getting 5-10 quality leads daily just by producing one Facebook live daily? The answer is, you can and I will show you exactly how in this step by step check list on performing effective Fb Live broadcast. FREE FB LIVE Be sure to take these steps and incorporate them into each broadcast you do using FB Live. You may need to have a quick checklist as you do more and more live streams, but rest assured that with practice, and daily broadcast you will become an expert at using one of the most effective tools on social media today! Enjoy the tips!

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As alway be sure to share VALUABLE content that your audience WANTS to hear

  1. Let Your Audience Know When You're Going Live
  2. The longer the stream the more viewers will show
  3. Create a hashtag for your stream. Ex: #LunchMoney
  4. Email your list to let them know your go live on FB
  5. Always have a catchy title
  6. Get to the point and ask to skip forward on recorded
  7. Ask questions to encourage feed back and coversation
  8. Ask for shares after delivering value during stream
  9. Do a live stream daily!
  10. Have FUN!!!
  11. Share links and offers at the END of your feed in comment section
  12. Ask for subscribers at the end of your live feed
  13. Invite viewers to your stream with alternate device
  14. Always give a call to action that is irresistible
  15. Save lives streams for youtube and blog use

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Now that you know exactly how to get leads using this live stream tool. LEARN HOW TO CLOSE THEM

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