I think of problems as absolute diamond mine. The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest market opportunities. Solve a really big one, and you can help millions of  people and become a millionaire in the process. The best part is you can do this effortlessly! So how do you do that? Who do you get to help you? Your competitors can be your biggest help; they are right there in the competition for success with you. However, many look at problems as if they shouldn't have them, and they look at their competition as if “I wish I was them. Two sure fire ways to make sure you do have the success you desire as an entrepreneur, keep your

As an entrepreneur, comparing yourself to others is almost natural. How can we not compare ourselves to our peers? We have been conditioned to do that our entire lives. We see all the success around us and it looks like the success just happened over night. However, we neglect to see all the books, webinars, events, mentors, objections and obstacles that others face during that journey to success. Just like an Olympic athlete, competition can be one of the healthiest things for your business when used correctly. Problems can be opportunities to do things differently, more effectively, and to view things through a different lens. However, if you get caught in a comparison contest it can be one of the most detrimental things your business will ever encounter. “When your eyes are on the competition during the competition,. your eyes are completely off the finish line”.Competition Blog

When I started marketing online, Ray Higdon was one of the first people I looked up to as someone doing it “right”. After following his tutelage for some time, I saw my business grow and my marketing got better and better. However, after some time, when it came to starting new things in my business such as starting a new blog, I found myself COMPARING my new blog to Ray's blog of almost 10 years. For months this kept me from taking the action I needed to daily to get my blog up to speed. My blog had to be perfect. It had to be as good or better than Ray Higdon's. Comparing my blog to his put me in a rut. A place where no entrepreneur can find success.

In today's post, I will show you three ways to help you compete against the best in your industry/niche while also helping you stay 100% focused and out of the viscous comparison cycle.

1. Reflect on your growth daily. Write down each day the good things you've done to get better and better. Imagine going to sleep every night ONLY thinking of the things you did NOT accomplish. Over time, it would create a sense of worry and greatly take away from ANY sense of accomplishment. However, imagine if you finish your day, don't hit all your goals but truly reflect, giving time and thought to all the positive things you did well, no matter how small. You would feel productive, a sense accomplishment, and over time you'll realize each day you've gotten better and better. As an entrepreneur, our job is to complete OUR race. Not the race of any of our competitors.

2. Create/Write/Read your life/business vision daily. This is a detailed vision of your ideal life and business, a “perfect day” if you will. In full detail using all your senses, describe your absolute perfect day on paper. Each morning and afternoon, read it out loud with the conviction that it is already happened in your life/business. This will keep your eyes on YOUR goals each day. Not your completions. The competitions' finish line is NOT your finish line. Having a detailed written outcome for the next 6-12 months will PULL you towards the results you want. Many will find themselves PUSHING towards their goals and eventually tire out. Imagine being PULLED. Instead of you pushing to achieve your goals, your goals are pulling you.

3. Train daily. Train with purpose. In every profession, the people that practice getting better each day are typically the individuals at the top of their field. Training daily in your niche will greatly increase your competence. As your competence (knowledge) increases, so will your confidence. As you become more confident in a particular area, you will naturally start to keep your eyes off of your competition because your only TRUE competition is yourself. You will rarely feel the need to look towards your competition for knowledge in that particular area because you are confident and competent in that area. Add a specific type of training to your schedule everyday. At least 30 minutes committed to getting better and better. Schedule this training around the same time daily so there are no continues interruptions of your very important training time. Be sure to let your boss, co workers, family, etc know that this time is blocked for training and mastering your craft.

Use these 3 tips daily to increase your skill sets continuously throughout building your business. Until your competition becomes your rivals, keep your eyes and focus on your goals.


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